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Aventuras en Tatilandia (2006)

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In 2006, she released a new children's album, named after the fictional country from her performances.

Release Date: March 2006

Availability: Mixup

Articles: AZCentral, Milenio


Track List:

  1. Hola Amigos [Listen]
  2. Muevanse Todos (Twist and Shout) [Listen]
  3. El baile de la gallina [Listen]
  4. Mi burrito querendon (duet with Priscilla) [Listen]
  5. Juego de las nombres [Listen]
  6. La pelusa [Listen]
  7. Cosa rara y narizona [Listen]
  8. La maquinita [Listen]
  9. El beso de las buenas noches [Listen]
  10. Sobre el arcoiris [Listen]

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