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Tatiana Uncovers Intimate Details!!
Latina Song Siren Sings All!!

By Godspeede

[Picture: Tatiana in Miami studio] Tatiana Palacios Chapa, known to her millions of adoring fans as simply "Tatiana," has revealed the intimate details of her recording success. What appears to the outsider to be a smoothly functioning hit-making machine that spews forth one top-selling collection of songs after another, she explains, is actually rooted in a highly organic concatenation of artistic collaborations. Everything begins and ends in the highly creative imagination of Tatiana.

Each album begins as a concept. For instance, Tatiana's newest (as of this writing), Acapulco Rock, emphasizes the theme of early rock n' roll, with virtually all of the tunes dating to the 1950s and 1960s. Once she arrives at a concept, she begins looking for songs that reflect the theme and that are suited to the high standards of a Tatiana project. Sometimes the best suggestions, she tells us, come from "family and friends" (If you have a suggestion post it on the site, she has been known to look in).

After a short-list of possible songs is ready, Tatiana prepares to record. She explains: "When I recorded pop and ballads, each album was made by a different producer and in different countries and cities [including] Italy, Spain, Los Angeles, Miami, etc., and usually the A/R [Artist and Repertoire] director would . . . arrange everything." With her children- oriented material, however, success has bred reliance upon her own instincts as well as the considerable talents of Pepe Luis Soto, member of the Miami Sound Machine, musician extraordinaire, and resident of that Florida city. Tatiana sends her song list to Don Soto, with her ideas about arrangement, instrumentation, tempo, etc. He then attempts to bring what she hears to life. Following a lengthy process of suggestion, counter suggestion, and experimentation, Tatiana, now in Miami, adds her special magic by laying down her vocals. In all, once the songs are chosen, she reports that the process takes "like three or four months to do the whole thing."

While the music is being prepared, Tatiana also introduces her current theme into her costumes, which she designs herself, her television show, El Espacio de Tatiana, and her popular stage act. Songs are rehearsed, dance-steps are prepared, scenery and props built - just the final stages of the long, challenging, but creatively rewarding, process that brings the always unique Tatiana, we know and cannot help but love, to her public.

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