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Here are some pictures related to Tatiana, the Mexican singer and TV star. Many of them were supplied directly by Tatiana herself or by her family members. See also the Tatiana 3-D Cubes!

Newest Pictures

Family Pictures
Tatiana's relatives; Tatiana as a kid; pregnancy

Concert, Show, & Tour Pictures
Pictures of Tatiana performing live

Tatiana with Other Celebrities
Shots of her hanging out with the rich & famous

Tatiana with Fans
Some of her biggest fans get to meet her.

Mermaid Pictures
Tatiana acts out her lifelong fantasies about becoming a mermaid.

The Swimsuit Issue!
Bikini shots of Tatiana.

Tatiana Merchandise
Pictures of some of her licensed products

Other Pictures
More Tatiana pictures

Pictures Taken by Tatiana
Photography is one of her hobbies... here are some pictures she has taken. Obviously, she's not in these, but they're good pictures anyway.

From Jenny Morgan
A long-time fan has supplied some pictures from her pop days.

Pictures of her 2003 Atlanta circus performance.

The webmaster of this site meets Tatiana.

Subsite: Pictures Submitted by Fans!


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