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Tatiana has been performing publicly starting at an early age. She appeared in various local shows in Monterrey, then became a pop star performing throughout Latin America. Currently, she does children's shows in many places. Here are some pictures from these shows.

In concert in Los Angeles in the '80s
(taken by J. Morgan)
[L.A. 1] [L.A. 2]
[L.A. 3]

"What you learn right you never forget," says Tatiana, referring to her gymnastic moves shown here in a 1976 competition and a 1991 show.
[Gymnastic split: 1977] [Gymnastic split: 1991]

Some more gymnastic moves.
[Gymnastics 1] [Gymnastics 2]

(Left:) In concert (Sept. 1991) performing song from the rock opera Kumán, a Tarzan-like play in which she starred in 1984. (Right:) Show in Nov. 1994 while Un Alma Desnuda was her current album, 6 months after her daughter was born.
[Show: Kumán] [Show: Rocker]

She gave shows every summer at Six Flags Mexico (formerly "Reino Aventura") and drew 10,000 people per show for 20 shows a year for 3 years.
[Six Flags Show]

Her performance in Guatemala attracted 12,000 people, to the surprise of everybody including Tatiana and her promoters, who didn't expect her to be so popular outside her own country.
[Guatemala performance]

At the Ringling Brothers circus in Chicago with her daughter Cassandra (Dec. 1999)
[Ringling Circus, with Cassandra]

[Show picture: with ballet]

[Show picture: with characters]

[With a young fan]

With some characters from her show.
[Show characters]

Some Christmas pictures; a prayer, and skating with Frosty in her "Milagro" Christmas video.
[Christmas Prayer] [Tatiana and Frosty]

The whole cast of El Espacio de Tatiana posed together to commemorate the show's third anniversary in 2000.
[TV cast on 3rd anniversary]

From her TV set, a picture of Tatiana with Chipitin (Luis Arcaráz III), and another with Chipitin in his "Professor Chipitinsky" role and producer Miguel Angel Fox.
[Chipitin & Miguel Fox] [Prof. Chipitinsky]

Her "Circo de las Estrellas" 2000 summer tour began in Las Vegas, drawing 17,000 people to her 8 shows there.
[Las Vegas Circus]

Another picture from her circus tour.
[Circo de las Estrellas]

We get touched by an angel, in the person of Tatiana.

Recording a benefit song, "Por Los Buenos Mexicanos,Vamos México", in Mexico City, October 11, 2001.
[In studio #1] [In studio #2]

In her first public performance since having her baby earlier this year, she appeared at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus in Chicago.
[Chicago circus: with young fans] [Chicago circus: with clowns]

Tatiana recently did a tour of publicity appearances for an upcoming charity telethon.
[Telethon publicity shot]

A Christmas performance shot.
[Tatiana, Rudolph, and Santa]

A shot of her at the 2001 charity telethon.
[Telethon publicity shot]

Some new Tatiana performance pictures from Morelia, Mexico.
[Morelia performance 1]
[Morelia performance 2]

Taken at a '50s-themed McDonald's in Chicago while she was in that area for a performance. Tatiana is a fan of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elvis. Her mother took this picture.
[Chicago McDonald's]

Some new performance pictures.
[Show, May '02 #1]
[Show, May '02 #2]

A recent (2002) performance in Monterrey.
[Club Palestino]

October 2002 performance in Guanajuato: Tatiana, Pim Pon, and staff
[Tatiana] [Pim Pon] [Staff]

In the amusement park Reino Aventura (April 1999), where you can see the large number of people that love and admire Tatiana. (From Antonio Flores.)
[Reino Aventura]

Singing "Las Mañanitas" in Tatilandia (August 1999)
[Las Mañanitas]

In one of her presentations in Tatilandia (February 2000)
[Las Mañanitas]

By her limo on a trip to Miami in 2002, the last one with her ballet performers.
[Limo 1] [Limo 2] [Limo 3]

Press conference introducing her newest CD in a Mexico City hotel (November 21st 2002; provided by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda, shown in last picture)
[Disney press conference 1] [Disney press conference 2] [Disney press conference 3] [Disney press conference: with Claudia]

Some pictures from her Nov. 2002 appearance at a Chicago children's hospital promoting organ donations.
[Hospital 1] [Hospital 2] [Hospital 3] [Hospital 4] [Hospital Poster]

Concert in Saltillo with 7000 people.

Some Monterrey concert pictures.
[Monterrey 1] [Monterrey 2] [Monterrey 3]

Some pictures of her 2002 telethon tour.
[Telethon 1] [Telethon 2]

A McDonald's Children's Day performance.
[McDonald's show 1] [McDonald's show 2]

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