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Why I Am Tatiana's #1 Fan and Why She Is So Special to Me
Essay by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda

The Experience Of Being In A Press Conference With Tatiana
by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda

Meeting Tatiana, Or, Dreams Sometimes Do Come True!!!
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MÉXICO. C.P. 66256
FAX: (52) 83-35-27-99

Interesting Facts about Tatiana

  • Although she's lived in Mexico pretty much her whole life, Tatiana was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA, while her father was attending the University of Pennsylvania (where he got a masters and a doctorate). Her mother was then an instructor in ballet and gymnastics. Being natural-born in the U.S., she'd be eligible to become President if she were 35 years old and lived in the U.S. for 14 years (under the Constitutional rules)... and if Palm Beach County residents managed to vote for her without voting for Pat Buchanan by mistake. (Only kidding...)
  • As a child, Tatiana took first place in Mexican national gymnastics competition in the "All Around" category. She was set to train for the Olympics, but decided that she wanted to be a singer instead.
  • Tatiana's birthday is December 12th. She doesn't seem to want to say what year, but I've found out it's 1968. December 12th is a major festival day in Mexico, commemorating the Virgin of Guadalupe.
  • Tatiana is 1.59 meters tall.
  • One of her big hobbies is photography; she takes lots of pictures wherever she goes. She got this from her father, who is a big photography enthusiast himself, involved in the Nikonians website.
  • Tatiana has had a lifelong fascination with mermaids. Read more on the mermaid pictures page.
  • Tatiana designs her own costumes, and has a full-time dressmaker to sew together the outfits worn by her and others on her show. When on tour, she's always on the lookout for fabric sellers where she can find new and interesting materials to make costumes from.
  • Tatiana's Kevin Bacon Number is 3: she was in Vacaciones de terror 2 (1990) with Alfredo Gutierrez, who was in Under Fire (1983) with Ed Harris, who was in Apollo 13 (1995) with Kevin Bacon.
  • Tatiana is a voting member of the organization which awards the Latin Grammys (but didn't appear on the telecast of these awards, unfortunately).
  • Any of you who are members of the BMG Music Service CD club, or who are planning on joining through one of their deals that gives you free or cheap CDs, you can get Tatiana's Vamos a Jugar CD through this service: fill in item number 1329127.
  • Tatiana did the voice of Megara on the Spanish version of Disney's Hercules animated movie. If you get the DVD, you can play the Spanish track as an option along with English and French.
  • In 1986, Tatiana was interviewed by John Stossel on ABC News's 20/20 show, regarding a campaign against teen sex that she was supporting through duets with former Menudo member Johnny Lozada.
  • Russia observes Tatiana's Day on January 25, in honor of a martyred saint who is the patroness of all Tatianas.


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