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Some information on the history of Tatiana's life and career.

December 12, 1968: Tatiana is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, while her father is attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he will eventually receive a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Applied Economics (1975). Her parents are José Ramón Palacios Ortega and Diana Perla Chapa de Palacios. (Some bios show her as being born in Monterrey, Mexico, where her family normally lived when not away at college, but I think the Philadelphia birthplace is correct.) Apparently the birth was difficult, with Tatiana being born in a position that cut off her circulation and raised fears that she would be handicapped, which fortunately proved unfounded. She and her mother stayed at the hospital until Christmas Eve.

May 11, 1970: Tatiana's brother, Juan Ramón Palacios, is born at Hospital San José in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

1973: At age 4, she begins music lessons, learning to play the violin, piano, guitar, and flute. She also takes lessons in singing, dancing, and gymnastics.

1982: A children's talent festival "Juguemos A Cantar" was held in Nuevo Leon Mexico, but Tatiana was too old to compete at age 13. Her brother, Juan Ramón, competed instead, but she went to all his presentations.

1983: Julissa, a very important producer of Musical Theater, called on Juan Ramón to audition for "Vaselina" (Grease) and of course Tatiana went with him to see if she could audition too... But again, she was too old for "Vaselina", but Julissa was also auditioning another play "Kumán", and told her that that the final audition for "Kumán" was the next day and she could audition because it was for teenagers. After a month of rehersals, Tatiana got the starring female role.

February, 1984: Luis De Llano (another very important producer) nominated Tatiana for "El Rostro" in the newspaper El Heraldo De Mexico, a list of upcoming stars to watch out for. After this, Tatiana began modeling in TV and print ads.

1984: Tatiana performs in "Kumán" for a total of 175 performances.

September, 1984: Tatiana recorded her first album, Tatiana, released by EMI. The hits from the album were "El Amor No Se Calla", "Querido Amigo", and "A Plena Luz", which made the top of the pop charts in Mexico.

Spring, 1985: Tatiana filmed her first movie called Un Sabado Mas (Another Saturday), with Pedrito Fernandez (a movie and Ranchero singer).

1985: Tatiana traveled to Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Spain to promote her album.

1985: Tatiana performed for the first time with musicians in Monterrey. Mexico is very big on lip syncing because the studios are not set up for live broadcasts.

Late 1985: Tatiana begins work on her 2nd album, Chicas De Hoy to be released in 1986. The musical director of this album had written a song called "Mi Nuevo Amor" (My New Love) for the album, but during the taping Tatiana was playing around and would sing the words... "Chicas De Hoy... tururu... tururu..." and "Mi Nuevo Amor" was changed to "Chicas De Hoy". Hits were "Me Voy A Enamorar" and "Mario".

1986: The University of Johns Hopkins contacted FFI in Mexico to launch a campaign about Planned Parenthood in Latin America, and Tatiana, along with Johnny Lozada (a former Menudo member) was selected to lead the campaign. The project was acknowledged in Better World Society and The Agency of International Developement (at the White House - where Tatiana had the opportinuty to visit). It results in the duets "Cuando Estamos Juntos" and "Detente" which are added to the "Chicas de Hoy" album and become hits. Tatiana and Johnny are also interviewed by John Stossel on ABC's 20/20 news program.

1987: Her third LP, Baila Conmigo (Dance With Me), is popular with younger kids and their moms, who would tell Tatiana they liked to do Aerobics to it. Hits: "Baila Conmigo", "Bandolero", "Somos Hermanos" (duet with her brother), and "Necesito Tu Amor".

1987: Tatiana launched her own line of clothing, that she herself designed. Designs included Treble Clefs (her trade mark signature), hand painted styles (similar to the Chicas De Hoy outfit), and dots on her dresses, shoes, earrings, and even guitars. Everything was available at department stores.

1987: She participated in an anti-drug campaign in Nuevo León and got an award "Medalla al Merito Cuidadano", (Good Samaritian Award).

March, 1988: Un Lobo En La Noche was released and "Peligro En El Elevador" reached the top of the charts. She also had the oportunity to record two English songs, "A Werewolf In The Night" and "I Don't Have A Boyfriend", which were released only on a promo 45rpm for radio stations.

1988: Tatiana meets Andrés Puentes, owner of the disco / nightclub "Andy Bridges" in the Mexico City area. (They had met briefly a couple of years earlier, but nothing came of that.) They begin dating and marry two years later. They meet at his disco, which later became the site of the Tatiana & Andy Bridges Studios. A scene from her "Peligro en Un Elevador" video was being filmed there.

1988: She filmed her 2nd movie with Spanish rock group Hombres G, called "Sueltate El Pelo" (Let Your Hair Down).

December, 1988: Tatiana released her line of perfume in the northern part of Mexico with two fragrances, one for younger kids and the other for older people.

1989: Tatiana was again invited by The University Of Johns Hopkins to participate in a series of press conferences at the Annenberg School of Communications in Los Angeles about Planned Parenthood.

1989: Her 5th album, Las Cosas Que He Visto was released, her last album with the EMI label. Hits: "Radio" and "Chicos Chicos".

August, 1989: The company BENFAM invited her to give a press conference in Brazil about Planned Parenthood and the anti-drug campaign "Di No A Las Drogas Y Si A La Vida" (Say no to drugs and yes to life) and she also performed on the shows there, Xuxa, Angelica and Sin Censura.

November, 1989: She filmed her 3rd movie with Pedrito Fernandez and Joaquin Cordero called Caceria De Brujas.

December, 1989: She won another award in Nuevo Leon: "La Presea Estado De Nuevo Leon Juventud". At this point, she has 13 gold albums in Mexico.

1990: Her album Vientos en Libertad is released by Capitol Records. She takes on a more adult style than her "teen star" image of before.

June 29, 1990: Tatiana marries Andrés Puentes in Monterrey, Mexico. Andrés takes over as Tatiana's manager from her mother, and eventually gets an agreement to own 50 percent of her intellectual property rights.

1992: Her album Leyes del Corazón is released by Sony. It includes two bonus tracks in English, "I Can't Live Without You" and "Dancing for the Light".

1994: Her album Un Alma Desnuda is released by Sony Discos, the last of her "adult" albums.

May 11, 1994: Tatiana's daughter Cassandra is born by a Caesarean section operation.

1995: Tatiana changes her focus to children's entertainment, adopts a new costume style featuring bright colors and stars, and releases her first children's album, Brinca, on the small Fantil record label.

1996: Her second children's album, Brinca II, is released by Fantil. Later that year, Navidad con Tatiana is released as her first Christmas album.

March 18, 1997: El Espacio de Tatiana premieres on the Televisa network. It's originally on Channel 5, but later moves to the network's more popular channel, "El Canal de Las Estrellas" (The Channel of the Stars).

1997: Sigue La Magia, is released by Fantil. Later that year, Navidad Mágica is released as her second Christmas album. This will be re-released later as Feliz Navidad.

1997: Tatiana does the voice of Megara in the Spanish version of the Disney animated movie Hercules. She also sings a song on this soundtrack.

Late 1990s: Tatiana opens a children's entertainment location, "Tatilandia", in the Mexico City area. Decorated using the styles and characters from her TV show, this center is available for rental for children's parties, and also serves as a day-care center.

September 15, 1998: Superfantástico is released. She's now recording on Polygram records.

November 24, 1998: Superfantástico is released in a new version, with the addition of the theme song to the telenovela (soap opera) "Gotita de Amor", sung by Tatiana. This show stars Andrea Lagunas, a former cast member of El Espacio de Tatiana.

1999: Merchandising of Tatiana is very successful, including a line of children's clothing resembling her stage costumes, a Tatiana doll, and a new line of children's cosmetics.

January 11, 2000: Vamos a Jugar is released by Universal Music as her latest album, including a remake of her old hit "Chicas de Hoy".

February, 2000: The Tatiana & Andy Bridges studios open in the Mexico City area, in the building that formerly housed the disco run by Andrés Puentes, Tatiana's husband. This studio is available for the filming of TV commercials and the like.

March 4, 2000: Tatiana receives an award from the National Association of Hispanic Publications for her children's entertainment.

May, 2000: Tatiana has a scare when the plane she's on, traveling from Los Angeles to Mexico City, is threatened with a bombing. Also aboard the flight is the "Chilindrina", the star of another popular Mexican children's show. Nobody is hurt, but the plane makes an emergency landing in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Summer, 2000: Tatiana tours the western United States with a Hispanic circus, Circo de las Estrellas. Business troubles with the circus cancel the eastern leg of its tour.

July, 2000: The estate of Mexican songwriter Cri-Cri, known for his children's music, denies Tatiana the permission to record his songs despite earlier preliminary approval, because they don't like the modernized style she plans to use.

November, 2000: Tatiana announces that she's pregnant with her second child, due around June, 2001.

December 12, 2000: Acapulco Rock is released, marking another style change; she's now doing '50s and '60s rock, and has redesigned her costumes and TV stage to suit this image.

April, 2001: Televisa terminates Tatiana's exclusive contract, apparently planning on cutting costs by showing only reruns of her show instead of making new ones, even though her contract had three years left to run.

May 23, 2001, 9:58 AM: Tatiana's second child, Andrik, is born at the Hospital Los Ángeles in Mexico City, through another Caesarean section operation.

May 30, 2001: Tatiana separates from her husband Andrés.

June 23, 2001: Andrés speaks out about the separation (the first that either party has done so), criticizing Tatiana's parents and indicating his intention to take legal action to preserve his contractual rights to Tatiana's intellectual property.

July 5, 2001: Andrés is officially removed as Tatiana's manager.

July 11, 2001: Tatiana does an interview on Televisa, hosted by Jorge Berry, in which she responds to Andrés's criticisms and says that she was afraid of him. Andrés responded by threatening lawsuits for defamation of character, among other charges.

Aug. 2, 2001: Tatiana files for divorce, citing emotional abuse on the part of Andrés.

Oct. 11, 2001: Tatiana joins with other Mexican celebrities to record the benefit song "Por Los Buenos Mexicanos,Vamos México" in Mexico City.

Nov. 28, 2001: Tatiana sings for a TV special being recorded to air on the evening before her birthday, December 12, in honor of the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (which commemorates a religious manifestation that happened on that date in Mexico during Spanish colonial times).

Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2001: Andrés camps out overnight near Tatiana's parents' house in Monterrey, in an unsuccessful attempt to see the children.

Feb., 2002: Tatiana agrees to be a spokesperson for a US-government-sponsored project to encourage Hispanic Americans to have pride in their roots. Her public service announcements will be airing on various children's TV programs starting in April.

Mar., 2002: The resumption of Tatiana's career is in full swing now, with her traveling a lot to perform and record. Legal sparring is still going on between her and Andrés, with him demanding to see the children and to get 50% of the proceeds from her performances, and her opposing these demands and demanding maintenance payments from him and psychiatric screening before he is allowed to visit the children. At a press conference, a mother and child are injured when reporters rush in an unruly manner trying to interview Tatiana as she is trying to leave to catch a flight, and some people (including Andrés) blame this incident on Tatiana or her security people, though this isn't fair. There might be a lawsuit over it, adding to her legal problems. But overall, her life and career are doing pretty well now.

Apr., 2002: Tatiana takes on Joel Cano as her manager; he has managed various Mexican musical acts before. Andrés threatens to sue him for the 50% share he still claims to own of her career.

Apr. 20, 2002: Tatiana performs in front of 10,000 people in her home town of Monterrey, and is a big hit with children and their parents.

Apr. 23-28, 2002: Andrés makes another trip to Monterrey, and on Apr. 26 gets a court order permitting a visit between him and his children that weekend. However, Tatiana does not bring the children to the hotel at 10 AM Saturday, and Andrés makes some more denunciations and threats in front of the media, including accusing her of an affair with a married man (strongly denied by Tatiana's family), before leaving for Los Angeles to promote the Canadian model he's now managing.

July 2, 2002: Andrés gives to a judge photos allegedly showing Tatiana's mother (Diana Perla Chapa) naked in order to claim that Tatiana's family is immoral and thus she shouldn't have custody of her children. The photos wind up on the Internet, though Andrés denies posting them himself. Tatiana and her family say that the photos are fakes, prepared on a computer by taking stolen pictures of Diana in a bikini and altering them to make her naked. Tatiana's family sues Andrés for defamation and theft over this.

Aug. 15, 2002: Tatiana signs a one-year contract with Joel Cano to manage her career. She has already been working with him for several months.

Sept. 17, 2002: Tatiana releases her album, Los Mejores Temas de Las Peliculas de Walt Disney.

Jan. 12, 2003: Tatiana returns to TV performing in the new show "El Gran Musical". She was the first singer to perform in that show. She sang the songs "Hi Ho!" and "Bibidi Babidi Bu".

Mar. 2003: Tatiana recieved the award "Quetzal de Oro" as the artist of the decade, she attended the awards presentation with all her family including little Andrik.

May 4, 2003: Cassandra, Tatiana's daughter, did her first communion in Nuestra Señora de Fatima church in Monterrey. Veronica Castro was the godmother and Jorge muñiz the godfather. Tatiana surprised everyone there when she sang with a children's chorus. The party was in Tatiana's home.

July 21, 2003: Tatiana announces that her brother, Juan Ramón Palacios, is her new manager.

October, 2003: Tatiana plays the role of the mermaid Coral in the telenovela Amy, la Niña de la Mochila Azul.

March, 2004: Tatiana celebrates the 20th anniversary of the start of her artistic career.

May 18, 2005: The divorce of Tatiana and Andrés is finally official, as it is approved by a Mexican judge.


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