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Chicas de Hoy (1986)

[Picture: Album Cover]

Released in 1986, this album featured two duets with former Menudo member Johnny Lozada. The title track was later remade by Tatiana on her children's album Vamos a Jugar in 2000.

[Picture: Single with Tatiana & Johnny]
Cover of single with Tatiana & Johnny

Label / Cat #: EMI, CLEMN-1316

Availability: iTunes

Review: Tatiana, the '80s Mexican teen star; before her KidVid days (Epinions, dtobias)

Lyrics: Cuando Estemos Juntos

Track List:

  1. Mario. [Listen]
  2. Sola. [Listen]
  3. Esperame. [Listen]
  4. Chicas De Hoy. [Listen]
  5. Me Voy A Enamorar. [Listen]
  6. Cuando Estemos Juntos. (Duet with Johnny Lozada) [Listen]
  7. Maldito Telefono. [Listen]
  8. Basta. [Listen]
  9. No Soy Muñeca De Piedra. [Listen]
  10. Creo Que Es Amor. [Listen]
  11. Eres El Heroe. [Listen]
  12. Detente. (Duet with Johnny Lozada) [Listen]

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