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Tatiana (1984)

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Released in 1984, the self-titled Tatiana was Tatiana's first regular studio album, but it wasn't actually her first music release; the soundtrack to the rock opera Kumán preceded it.

Label / Cat #: EMI, SLEMN-1240

Availability: Issued only on LP and cassette (no CD). Out of print, but carried by Tecate & Summer's Discotienda.

Track List:

  1. Reportaje [Listen]
  2. Me Estas Volviendo Loca [Listen]
  3. A Plena Luz [Listen]
  4. ¿Por qué te vas? [Listen]
  5. No Tengas Miedo [Listen]
  6. El Amor No Se Calla [Listen]
  7. Si Tú No Estas Aqui [Listen]
  8. Mas [Listen]
  9. Querido Amigo [Listen]
  10. Nunca me Esperas [Listen]

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