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Tatiana Windows Themes!

By Richard Morton and Dan Tobias

Windows users can now put Tatiana on their desktop! Now there are four different Tatiana themes to choose from -- a "contemporary" one featuring her modern-day look and sound from her children's entertainment career, a "classic" one based on her pop stylings of the '80s and early '90s, one based on her Disney music, and the newest one: Tatimaid, with a mermaid theme. Download a theme to get a set of Tatiana-related images and sounds for your desktop wallpaper, icons, pointers, and event sounds. See also the screensaver, separately available; it goes together great with the themes!

Tatiana Modern Theme

[Picture: Modern Theme]

Sights and sounds of La Reina de los Niños.

Download The Modern Tatiana Theme! (tatiana.zip, 2.0 MB ZIP)

Tatiana Classic Theme

[Picture: Classic Theme]

Celebrating her pop successes, in time for her new Greatest Hits CD. (For those interested in knowing which songs the sound clips came from, they include: Critical Stop = "Radio"; Program Error and Newmail = "Chicos, Chicos"; Shutdown = "Chicas de Hoy"; Startup = "Baila Conmigo"; Recycle = "Un Lobo En La Noche".)

Download The Classic Tatiana Theme! (tatitheme.zip, 1.3 MB ZIP)

Tatiana Disney Theme

[Picture: Disney Theme]

To commemorate the CD of classic Disney songs released in 2002 (with another to follow in 2003), here is a new Tatiana theme, with images and sounds that capture the magic.

Download The Tatiana Disney Theme! (tatianadisney.zip, 1.9 MB ZIP)

Tatimaid Theme

[Picture: Tatimaid Theme]

Tatiana has always been fascinated by mermaids. Here's a theme based on this, using a great wallpaper image of her recent TV role.

Download The Tatimaid Theme! (tatimaid.zip, 1.5 MB ZIP)

How To Install a Theme

Windows XP has support for themes built in. Earlier Windows versions require an additional program. Most users have the Microsoft Plus! pack. This makes installing themes a breeze. However, third-party packages like Desktop Themes from Left Side Software can also be used.

  1. Extract the ZIP file into your c:\Windows\Resources\Themes directory (for Windows XP) or your c:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes directory (if using Microsoft Plus!). Windows XP lets you click on a ZIP file to open it; earlier Windows versions require a separate ZIP extractor such as WinZip. If using WinZip, be sure to enable the option to create subdirectories as needed; this will result in a Tatiana subdirectory (for the modern theme) or TatiTheme (for the classic one) being created beneath the Themes directory. A Tatiana.Theme or TatiTheme.Theme file will be placed in your Themes directory.
  2. Doubleclick on the appropriate .Theme file. This should present you with a preview of what the Tatiana theme items look like. It might also have preview and install options for a screensaver, but there isn't actually a screensaver directly in this theme; the associated screensaver is separately downloadable. If you've already installed the screensaver, it will be previewable in the modern theme because the theme setup looks for a screensaver of that name.
  3. Click on OK, and the settings from the theme will be established as your current Windows setup.
  4. Windows themes apparently don't affect some of your system sounds, such as the "New Mail" sound, but you can set them manually. There is a newmail.wav sound in the theme directory that you can use for that purpose.
  5. There's also an amo.wav sound in the modern theme that's pretty neat but we couldn't figure out a purpose for; you can place it on any event you wish. Use the "Sounds" feature on the Control Panel, reachable from the "My Computer" icon.
  6. Additionally, the classic theme has an extra wallpaper, tatipaper2.jpg, which you may select manually (by right-clicking on your desktop).

More Notes on Themes

As new operating systems are introduced some elements of theme installation have become problematic. For instance, on Windows 2000 and XP the theme program reportedly fails to implement the wallpaper. If this occurs you can do it "manually". Right- click on your desktop. Left-click Properties. Left-click Background. Left-click Browse. Browse until you locate Tatiana or Tatitheme file, which is usually in C:\program Files\plus\themes. Open theme file and left-click on Tatipaper (it is called the same thing in both themes). Left-click on apply then okay. Close window and you will experience the unparalleled joy of gazing face to face with the lovely Tatiana. Note: some systems locate themes in C:\winnt\system32. If you cannot find it in either place use your search or find engine on your start menu, and follow the above directions.

You can also install your Tatiana or Tatitheme pointers and animated icons "manually" by left-clicking on My Computer; left clicking Control Panel; left-clicking on Mouse. Left-click on Pointers; left-click upon a pointer or a animated icon (Busy and Working in the background). Left-click on Browse Button, and find Tatiana or Tatitheme folder (see above); left click on appropriate pointers or animated icon (each is labled in both themes). When you have selected all the pointers and animated icons, left-click on Apply and then left-click on Okay.

To install or change sounds (you can mix and match sounds from both themes); left-click on My Computer; left-click on Control Panel; left-click on Sounds and Multimedia. High-light a sound and left-click on Browse button. Locate Tatiana or Tatitheme folder and left-click on your chosen sound. When finished with all sounds, left-click on Apply and then left-click on Okay.

Tatiana Screensaver!

[Picture: Screen Saver]

The Tatiana Screensaver contains many images related to Tatiana, and a couple of sound clips. We did restrain ourselves to playing sound only for a brief period when the screensaver starts up rather than continuously thereafter, because people tend to find continually-noisy screensavers to be a nuisance, especially when running on somebody else's computer within earshot while they're out to lunch. Be sure to watch this screensaver for a couple of minutes to see all the phases it goes through!

Download The Screensaver Now! (tatiana.exe, 0.9 MB EXE)

How To Install It

It's a self-installing Windows executable file; just run it, and it will do the rest automatically. It goes well with the Tatiana theme!

A few more features...

Tatiana 3-D Cubes!

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