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[Picture: Tatiana in mermaid costume] Mermaids have been a lifelong fascination for Tatiana, ever since her childhood when she read Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. In 1991, she lived her dream by becoming a mermaid for the video of "Un Amor Distinto". Mermaids continue to influence her, as seen in the undersea pictures used in the Acapulco Rock CD booklet and the mermaid cast member seen in her TV show sitting on the edge of the water tank. Judging from search-engine hits this page is receiving, mermaids seem also to be a popular Internet topic, and she has been happy to find other mermaid enthusiasts online (she's left messages herself in the guestbooks of some of the mermaid sites linked to below).

She has this to say about mermaids herself:

When I was 3 years old my mother remembers asking me, what will I become when I grew up, and I told her, "I'm going to be a mermaid," then she asked me why? and I said, "because I want to swim in the ocean and I want to 'sing' all day." So since I was a little girl my mother made me mermaid costumes, but once I went in my grandmother's swimming pool, and I painted all the water orange, the color of the fabric!!! So every vacation we went to the beaches, my brother and I used to swim all day, and my parents took us with them to learn how to scubadive, and when I swim I always do it like a mermaid (which I find faster) with my legs together. So when I grew up, I found out I could only become a mermaid in videos, pictures, drawings, etc..., but I can still do what mermaids do also,"sing".

I have a big collection of mermaids all over the house, books, sculptures, frames, ashtrays, cups,etc... and now my daughter Cassandra also likes to collect mermaids and have costumes made for her also!!!

She appeared as a mermaid in this shot from the filming of the "Acapulco Rock" video in November 2000.
[Mermaid picture from AR video]

Alfredo, a movie special-effects and makeup artist who has worked with Tatiana on several projects, here is fitting her with a latex mermaid tail for the "Un Amor Distinto" video.
[Costume fitting 1] [Costume fitting 2]

Another Tatiana mermaid picture.
[A Tatiana mermaid shot.]

1991 show performance in mermaid outfit
[1991 show picture]

Cover of Estrellas magazine, August 1991
[Estrellas: 08/1991]

Inside picture from Acapulco Rock
[Inside picture from Acapulco Rock]

New pictures from July 2002 in Cancun, with a new tail "maid"... er, made, specifically for this trip.
[Cancun 1] [Cancun 2] [Cancun 3] [Cancun 4]

I don't know if she's actually got a mermaid outfit on here, but it does look rather mermaid-ish.
[Picture in water: Jamaica]

Her daughter Cassandra in a mermaid costume.

Another picture of Cassandra in a mermaid costume, this time on Tatiana's bed in Puerto Vallarta. The bed is hand carved out of wood with a mermaid theme, designed by Tatiana herself, and includes a starfish given by a friend that she thinks has given her good luck.
[Cassandra in Tatiana's room]

A studio shot of Cassandra.
[Cassandra: Studio]

Some of her collection of mermaid items.
[Collection 1] [Collection 2] [Collection 3]

Some mermaid sculptures.
[Mermaid Statue] [Cassandra & Tatiana with sculpture] [Sculpture]

Some recent additions to her mermaid collection.
[Mermaids 1] [Mermaids 2] [Mermaids 3] [Mermaids 4]

More mermaids in her collection, from Argentina.
[Argentina Mermaids]

The mermaid picture page inspired site visitor Scott Hague to send this image of a picture he painted.
[Mermaid Painting]

Mermaid tail under development at Televisa.
[Tail 1] [Tail 2]

Some pictures of her in a mermaid outfit for her TV role.
[Mermaid 1] [Mermaid 2] [Mermaid 3]

Entering the location for the TV shoot.

[Mermaid 1] [Mermaid 2] [Mermaid 3] [Mermaid 4] [Mermaid 5]

More pictures of her mermaid role.
[With Logos] [Mermaid 1] [Mermaid 2] [Coral]

Painting of Tatiana as a mermaid

Mermaid sculpture in Tatiana's house
[Mermaid Sculpture]

Tatiana by a mermaid fountain
[Mermaid Fountain]

[Tatoo] [SeaWorld]

Tatiana Sirena (video)

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