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Un Alma Desnuda (1994)

[Picture: Album Cover]

The final one of her "adult" albums, this one features a rather "revealing" cover picture. One of the songs discusses the distinction between love and sex. It was quite a career change when, just a year later, she went into children's entertainment with ¡Brinca!.

In 2003, the Mixup site listed a re-release of this album coming on October 27. Perhaps this cover is from that release:

[Picture: New Album Cover]

Label / Cat #: Sony, CDZ-81193
Release Date: Feb. 15, 1994

Availability: iTunes


Track List:

  1. Triste Cancion [Listen]
  2. Solo Puedo Darte... Todo [Listen]
  3. Las Chicas al Poder [Listen]
  4. Sin Querer Queriendo [Listen]
  5. Tan Triste Como un Blues [Listen]
  6. Pobres de los Niños [Listen]
  7. Rosas en El Mar [Listen]
  8. Bienvenido [Listen]
  9. No Te Olvides de Mi Nombre [Listen]
  10. Mas Que a Mi Libertad [Listen]
  11. Porque Te Empeñas en Llamar Amor al Sexo [Listen]
  12. Hoy [Listen]

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