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Leyes del Corazón (1992)

[Picture: Album Cover]

Continuing with her more "adult" albums, this one included two bonus tracks in English on the CD, which were the original English versions of songs she sang in Spanish on the regular tracks: "I Can't Live Without You" is the English version of "No Vivire Sin Ti", and "Dancing For The Light" is the English version of "Bailaremos Por La Luz". Two other tracks, "Mi Vida En Tus Manos" and "Cuando Estoy Junto a Ti", have Tatiana credited with doing the translation into Spanish. Most tracks on this album are translated; only "Donde Quedo Tu Cariño", "Cuando La Amor Termina", "Nadie Como Tu", and "No Me Provoques" have no translator listed and are apparently original Spanish songs.

There has been a newer re-release, with the cover below:

[Picture: Album Cover]

There was also a picture-disc version:

[Picture: Picture Disc 1] [Picture: Picture Disc 2]

Label / Cat #: Sony, CD-80815

Availability: iTunes

Review: Emotional ballads and dance pop: Tatiana's most pleasantly listenable adult album (Epinions, dtobias)

Track List:

  1. Leyes del Corazón [Listen]
  2. Romance Mutante [Listen]
  3. Mi Vida en Tus Manos [Listen]
  4. Bailaremos Por La Luz [Listen]
  5. No Vivire Sin Ti [Listen]
  6. Donde Quedo Tu Cariño [Listen]
  7. Cuando Estoy Junto a Ti [Listen]
  8. Magica [Listen]
  9. Cuando Un Amor Termina [Listen]
  10. Nadie Como Tu [Listen]
  11. No Me Provoques [Listen]
  12. Tiempos Crueles [Listen]
  13. I Can't Live Without You (bonus CD track) [Listen]
  14. Dancing For The Light (bonus CD track) [Listen]

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