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Vientos en Libertad (1990)

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This album represented a more adult image, a direction she would continue for the next two albums after it. Her liner notes say "Ayer la niña, hoy la mujer..." (Yesterday the child, today the woman). One song, "Por Ultima Vez", is written by Aleks Syntek, who has appeared on Tatiana's TV show.

Label / Cat #: Capitol Records, H2Y 42368

Availability: iTunes


Track List:

  1. No Vuelvas a Besarme [Listen]
  2. Debo Hacerlo (Should I Do It) [Listen]
  3. Vientos en Libertad [Listen]
  4. Quisiera (Water) [Listen]
  5. Eterna Confusion [Listen]
  6. Si Estoy Cerca de Ti (When I Look In Your Eyes) [Listen]
  7. Un Amor Distinto [Listen]
  8. Aire de Paz [Listen]
  9. Por Ultima Vez [Listen]
  10. El Ritmo de Tu Corazón [Listen]
  11. Un Avión, Un Hotel, y Un Escenario [Listen]

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