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Las Cosas que He Visto (1989)

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This album is something of a transition between her teen pop days and her more adult period, as the songs have a rather more mature (and not quite so immediately catchy) sound, and the title track champions the social cause of the poor and homeless.

Label / Cat #: EMI, SLEMNE-1591

Availability: Out of print, but carried by Tecate & Summer's Discotienda.

Review: Las Cosas Que He Oído (Epinions, dtobias)

Lyrics to the title song (on a page with other lyrics of the same songwriter)

Track List:

  1. Chicos Chicos [Listen]
  2. Las Cosas Que He Visto [Listen]
  3. Maldita Soledad [Listen]
  4. Contra La Pared [Listen]
  5. Me Mata Salir [Listen]
  6. Radio [Listen]
  7. Como Te Quiero [Listen]
  8. De Sol A Sol [Listen]
  9. El Y Tú [Listen]
  10. Fuego En La Piel [Listen]

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