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El Espacio de Tatiana

Premiering on March 18, 1997, El Espacio de Tatiana has been the main focus of Tatiana's activities in recent years. It is a weekly children's TV show aired in Mexico by the Televisa network, and formerly in the U.S. on Univision (and now on Galavision). The program features two of Tatiana's songs per episode, along with guest musical performers, games, educational segments such as science experiments, magic tricks, and more. Tatiana's friendly, outgoing, and charismatic personality is evident throughout the show. A regular cast of her friends accompanies her, including assistant Chipitin (also known as "Professor Chipitinsky" and "Electrochip" in various segments), "Tatimopets" characters including Pin Pon, El Gato Viudo, and La Muñeca Vestida en Azul, clowns, and the youthful ballet.

In the spring of 2001, Televisa terminated its exclusive contract with Tatiana, and apparently intended only to air reruns without making new shows. Tatiana challenged this as a violation of her trademark rights to her name, logo, characters, costumes, and other elements that the network might be barred from using, even in reruns, once they no longer have a contract with her. Meanwhile, this left her free to make deals with other networks to make future shows. Soon after that, Tatiana separated with her husband and manager Andrés Puentes, which complicated her situation, but she's getting her career back on track in 2002 and expects to have a new TV deal soon (but it's not yet known with which network). More will be written here when these issues are settled and it's known what future programs she'll be doing.

[Picture: Tatiana with Menudo]
Menudo makes a guest appearance.

Episode Guide

This is an attempt to build an episode guide for El Espacio de Tatiana. As of yet, it's incomplete. Anybody with information on episodes other than the ones listed here should send information.

I don't know of any official numbering or naming scheme for the episodes, so I'll just list them in (apparent) order of creation, though I don't always know the original Mexican air dates for sure. I've filled in some Mexican air dates by working backwards and forwards from known dates such as tie-ins to holidays and anniversaries, but I can't be certain that they're all accurate. I do know the U.S. Univision air dates, and the current-year episodes do seem to be broadcast there in order, but older episodes might be inserted in any order, so I have to try to infer their actual creation order from things ranging from the copyright date to the presence of various things that changed over time (like what car Tatiana enters the stage in, and what sorts of games are played). I've given the episodes names of my own devising based on some interesting feature therein. (But due to the show's action-packed variety format, there are often lots of interesting features to choose from!)

One problem is that Univision sometimes butchered the episodes something awful. They've been known to remove several segments from a show, so that those of us who didn't get to see the original Mexican airings don't even know about some of the things that were in the episodes because we never got to see them. Maybe they add stuff from other episodes, too. I know they shuffle the (non-Tatiana) music videos randomly; when they re-run an episode it has entirely different videos. The only things you know definitely are part of the same episode are the segments that show Tatiana wearing the same outfit as in the rest of the episode; if she's not in a segment, or is wearing something different, then for all we know it might have been patched in by Univision from a different episode. Some of the "Chipitinsky" experiment segments feature Tatiana in a different dress from the rest of the show; are they that way in Mexico, or were they rearranged by Univision? Who knows? I know that when they re-run an episode it might have things added or dropped from the previous airing, and I've noted any such things here where I observed them.

As of Oct. 22, 2000, Univision was no longer airing the show at all, which made it rather difficult to continue the episode guide!

And now for the episode guide...

The guide is grouped by copyright year... pick the year you want.

1997 Episodes
1998 Episodes
1999 Episodes
2000 Episodes
2001 Episodes


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