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Sigue la Magia (1997)

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This children's album includes some tracks that will sound familiar even to English-speaking listeners, like the Spanish versions of "Oh, Susanna" and "Old McDonald's Farm" ("La Granja del Tio Juan").

Label / Cat #: Fantil, FACD-333

Availability: Can be found at Amazon.com. iTunes

Review: How do you say "E-I-E-I-O" in Spanish? (Epinions, dtobias)

Track List:

  1. Oh Susana [Listen]
  2. No te quedes con las ganas [Listen]
  3. La locomotora [Listen]
  4. El patito enamorado [Listen]
  5. Diez inditos [Listen]
  6. Osito carpintero [Listen]
  7. La feria [Listen]
  8. El payaso triste [Listen]
  9. La granja del tío Juan [Listen]
  10. Canto a la Luz [Listen]

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