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Some Articles In This Site

Things Happen When They Should
Article on Tatiana's career history!

Tatiana Uncovers Intimate Details!! -- Latina Song Siren Sings All!!
Article explaining how Tatiana makes her new albums!

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Some 2005-2006 articles:
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She gives her gifts today
from El Norte, 2005. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Tatiana celebrates the 20 years of her artistic career with 10,000 souls
de TV y Más, 2004. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Breaking the Language Barrier
from Response, February 2004: Cover -- Part 2 -- Part 3 (JPEG graphics; in English)

They make a surprise party for Tatiana
de El Norte, Dec 2003. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Interview with Manuel Puentes
from TV y Novelas, 2002: Page 1 -- Page 2 -- Andrés' Comments (JPEG graphics; in Spanish)

Andrés Puentes kidnaps the children he had with Tatiana!
Mi Guía, 2002: Cover, article (JPEG graphics; in Spanish)
(Note: He didn't actually kidnap anybody, in case you're worrying... this is just a sensationalized tabloid article reporting on his threats to take the kids.)

Clowns organize a party for Tatiana
from El Norte, Oct 16 2002. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Andrés Puentes Catalogs Tatiana: "India, thankless, treasonous dwarf"
from TV y Novelas, Sep 23 2002. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

'Las Mañanitas' advances to the Virgin
from TV y Novelas, Dec 4 2001. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

If Tatiana does not speak to me, I burn her clothes
from Teleguia, 9 Oct 2001. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Tatiana invited to sing for the good Mexicans
from Mira, Oct 2001. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Andrés Puentes: Another decree of formal prison, for injuries
from Teleguia, 15 Sep 2001. (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Cover and article page from TV y Novelas
Article in 2001 about her pregnancy. (JPEG graphics; in Spanish)

Tatiana is godmother to autistic teen
2001 article from TV Notas (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

Articles from Newsweek and People
From 1986: her "Responsible Parenthood" campaign got much coverage. (JPEG graphics; in English)

Tatiana "El Rostro" más Joven de "El Heraldo": 15 Años
Early article, from 1984 (JPEG graphic; in Spanish)

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