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This site is about Tatiana, the talented woman who hosts a Spanish-language children's show in Mexico (El Espacio de Tatiana, carried in the U.S. on the Galavision network). But she was famous way before this; she's been a pop singer since 1984, and has been releasing albums pretty much continuously ever since, running the gamut from teen pop to more adult fare to the music for children she does now. It's almost entirely in Spanish, but there are some English-speaking people who can see her talents and have become fans even without understanding the language.

In a sense, this site was inspired by some comments left in the Club de Los Tigritos Fan Forum, a fan site about another Spanish-language kids' show (which has a large fan following among English-speaking adults). There, some people have sometimes bashed Tatiana, claiming she's less talented than the Tigritos cast; once, somebody said (in response to somebody else who had written something in favor of Tatiana) that "You find no fan sites about Tatiana's show because nobody cares." This site picks up that gauntlet by being the first independent fan site about Tatiana.

The webmaster already knows what it's like to create the first fan site for a performer that most everybody else either ignores or dislikes; he put up the first Tiffany fan site. At one point Tiffany had no visible fan following, and was constantly ridiculed in every music-related forum, even including Debbie Gibson e-mail lists (where, much like the Tigritos fans treat Tatiana, some Gibson fans denounced Tiffany as a "talentless" imitator). Now Tiffany has many fan sites on the Web and a well-organized fan community in place to support her recent (Nov. 2000) album release. Let's see if history can repeat itself with the Tatiana fan following being built with this site and its associated discussion list!

While this site started as a completely independent and unofficial fan project, Tatiana soon started looking regularly at it herself, and she has supplied lots of pictures and comments for the site.

Here's a picture of the webmaster, Dan Tobias (left), and contributor Richard "Godspeede" Morton (right), who together make up "Los Dos Tatigringos"!

[Los Dos Tatigringos]

The Spanish translations in this site were done by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda. Read her essay on why she's Tatiana's number one fan!


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