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The Experience Of Being In A Press Conference With Tatiana

By Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda

[Disney press conference 1]

In the Marquis de Reforma hotel in Mexico City, Tatiana presented her new CD Los Mejores Temas De Las Peliculas de Walt Disney. A lot of reporters, her disc company staff, her lawyer, and my family were there waiting for Tatiana to arrive. First of all they showed a video of Tatiana's biography starting since she went to local tv shows in Monterrey to sing to nowadays mentioning her first experience as an artist in Kuman, when she was "el rostro del heraldo", the campaigns she has done and of course all her pop discs and finally when she turned into "queen of children's music" and all her important performances and important awards she has recieved.

[Disney press conference 2]

More or less at 10:00 am Tatiana arrived with a multicolor dress and all the photographers were there, Tatiana smiled gently for them (my dad and I were there too ha ha). After that, she sat down in a small stage and welcomed all of us like this: "The one that you see here in front of you is Tatiana, the one without problems or divorces or judges etc.. if you want to know about this situation please ask my lawyer." At first all the press understood the message and started asking her details of her new CD and Tatiana answered them; they asked things like "how did you choose the songs?" and she said "Most of them are of my favorites; for example, 'Beauty and the Beast', and 'Part of Your World' because The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie." "I also make the voice effects.. somebody has a CD here right now??" she asked. "I will return it to you, I promise, ha ha." Immediatly I told my mom "give me the cd please!!" my mom gave it to my dad and he gave it to Tatiana, then she started "In songs like 'Hi Ho' I am the 7 dwarfs, in 'Under the Sea', in 'Winnie the Pooh', in 'Give a Little Whistle', etc., I love to do it; that is really fun."

[Disney press conference 3]

As it was obvious to happen a reporter asked her about her legal situation and Tatiana said "This concerned to Tatiana Palacios Chapa and she is not here right now but you can ask my lawyer." She asked him to come and he cleared a lot of things like "Mr Puentes hasn't won anything, the judge hasn't given the last word." "In Mexico it is very difficult for a mother to lose her children; it is almost imposible." A reporter asked her about the cut cables in the Mercedes Benz and she answered "I was driving in a very big avenue in Monterrey and suddenly the car started to move without control. Fortunately I was alone, my children were not there, then I called for help and when we checked the car we discovered that the brake cables were cut with some kind of instrument." "I don't want to make someone responsible but we have sued for who it may concern." She also said "that car is not mine; it is of the disc company, it is under that name. I recieved it as a payment of my new CD." and so on until a reporter aked her again about her new CD. Tatiana thanked her for it and the rest of the reporters were complaining. The press also asked her that if she will someday fall in love again and she said "That is the last thing I am thinking of, I want to enjoy my children and keep singing because I was born for being on stage." Finally she stayed a little more for more pictures and I was there with her; she said hello for me very kindly as always and I was really excited, I took two films of pictures and we talked for while, unfortunately she had to leave very early because she had a performace in Chicago and in several places. She said that next year she is probably performing in the most important auditorium in Mexico, "el auditorio nacional", and the second part of her Disney CD will be released.

That was really a unforgettable experience for me and I hope it will repeat someday. THANKS TATIANA!! Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda

[Disney press conference: with Claudia]

© 2002 by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda


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