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With Fans

Some of Tatiana's biggest fans got to meet her and pose for pictures. If you have any pictures of yourself with Tatiana, send them in for this page!

With Victor Hugo Grajales, a Colombian singer, at a festival in 1988.
[Tatiana, Victor Hugo Grajales]

Estefanía Mas Lozano, a young fan with leukemia pictured here, died in 2004. Tatiana and everybody involved with this site offer their sincere condolences.
[Tatiana, Estefanía]

Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda is a big fan, and friend, of Tatiana, and supplied these pictures. She is now helping with this site, and has made Spanish translations of several of the pages as the site moves towards bilingualism.
[Claudia and Tatiana #1]
[Claudia and Tatiana #2]
[Claudia and Tatiana #3]

More pictures of Claudia. She's seen in her room (with some of her Tatiana memorabilia) and at her 15th birthday party (with a special guest star!).
[Claudia's room] [15th birthday party]

Claudia performs at festivals at Centro Medico de Toluca. The second picture shows her with her sisters.
[Festival 1] [Festival: Claudia's Sisters]

New picture of Claudia (2003).

Gina, a Tatiana impersonator in Monterrey, who lent Tatiana some of her costumes a few months ago because Andrés had all of hers. In the second picture, Gina is with some of her family members.
Gina has her own Web site. [Tatiana with Gina] [Tatiana with Gina and family]

Some group pictures of Tatiana "doubles" -- there are many of them in Mexico, like the Elvis impersonators in the U.S. Can you pick out the real Tatiana among the imitators? (Click on each picture for larger version.)
[Doubles 1] [Doubles 2]

Tatiana impersonator Malena with her family.
[Malena & Family]

Her double Malena had a convention in support of Tatiana.
[Malena Convention]

Andres Fragoso sent in this picture of his wife and children, who are big fans of Tatiana.
[Wife and kids of Andres Fragoso]

3 girls in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, who have their own TV shows, and are big fans of Tatiana.
[In Santo Domingo]

Antonio Flores sent these pictures -- one of him with Tatiana, and one of the Tatilandia staff.
[Tatiana and Antonio]
[Tatilandia Staff]

Jesus, a Tatiana fan in Peru who sent in his picture.

Valeria, a young fan.

Sandro and his son Sebastian from Hollywood.
[Sandro & Sebastian]

Bernardo Alvarez, from Irapuato, Guanajuato (president of Tatiana's fan club since 1984, and local journalist)

Tatiana went to the civil hospital of Monterey to visit Monica, a fan who has been in the hospital for a year and a half. She was in a coma and when she woke up she wanted to meet her favorite artist. She also visited the children in "Oncology", in treatment for cancer. For Tatiana it is important to be able to give joy to these children who will have to spend Christmas in a hospital bed, and she took gifts and music to them all.
[Cancer Kids 1] [Cancer Kids 2] [Monica] [Roble]

A fan, Alexa, from Cuba.
[Alexa 1] [Alexa 2]

Brisa, in Oaxaca.

Mane and Little Mane, the wife and daughter of Oaxaca's mayor.

Some more fans in Oaxaca.

Daniela, from Puebla.

Abril, from Monterrey.

The director of McDonald's in Mexico with his family.
[McDonald's Director]

A young fan, Diana Paulina, born Oct. 26, 1994 (photo taken in 1999). Some resemblance to Cassandra?
[Diana Paulina]

Tatiana makes hospital visits.
[Hospital 1] [Hospital 2] [Hospital 3] [Hospital 4]

More pictures of Tatiana meeting her fans.
[El Salvador] [McDonald's Marketing] [Gely, Yamina] [Ana, Luisia, Gomez] [Twins] [Valentina]

A few of her fans.

She greets this site's webmaster on his birthday, and talks to him on the phone.
[Dan Birthday] [On Phone]

With Gely, an autistic girl who just turned 18.
[Tatiana, Gely]

More young fans.
[Coral] [Juanita, Cass, Alondra] [Miranda, cousin] [Tamara] [Fans]

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda sends some new pictures with Tatiana at a recent concert.
[Claudia 1] [Claudia 2]

Yolanda meeting Tatiana.
[Tatiana & Yolanda]

Claudia meets Tatiana again.
[Claudia 1] [Claudia 2] [Claudia 3] [Claudia 4] [Claudia 5]

Taken by Claudia, at a 2006 TV show appearance and a concert in Monterrey.
[From Claudia 1] [From Claudia 2] [From Claudia 3] [From Claudia 4]

Tatiana visiting children.
[Paulina] [Andrea] [Estefania]


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