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Miscellaneous Pictures

Pictures of Tatiana or related to her that didn't fit into the other categories...

Tatiana's first product endorsement, from 1984, for a facial cream "Teatrical".
[Teatrical ad]

A couple of new in-costume pictures. The jumping picture is on the cover of her upcoming album.
[In costume: 02/02] [Jumping in costume]

From an early 2002 trip to Minnesota for a performance, accompanied by her mother.
[Minnesota 1]
[Minnesota 2]

She recorded a song for the Spanish version of the new Disney Peter Pan movie.
[Peter Pan]

Publicity pictures for her 2001 charity telethon. She borrowed costumes from one of her "doubles" (imitators who perform throughout Mexico) because Andrés has her real costumes.
[Tatiana with Balloons] [Tatiana outdoors] [Tatiana being interviewed]

Some recent promo pictures.
[Promo Pic] [Promo Pic] [Promo Pic: La Reina] [Promo Pic] [Promo Pic with Star]

[Outdoor pose] [Indoor pose]

A classic in-costume pose.
[Tatiana in costume]

She does some dance steps in this Acapulco Rock promotional picture.
[Acapulco Rock dance steps]

Between her stage costumes and her everyday wear, she has at least 300 pairs of shoes, leading her to jokingly refer to herself as the "Imelda Marcos of Mexico."
[Her shoe collection]

These were taken before a TV interview, in which she wore "normal" clothing rather than her stage outfit, but still featured prominent stars in keeping with her "trademark look".
[TV interview shot 1] [TV interview shot 2]

From the Disney ceremony at the premiere of the Spanish version of Hercules, where Tatiana did the voice of Megara.
[Hercules 1] [Hercules 2]

From inside of Leyes del Corazón cover.
[Leyes de Corazón picture]

[Poster with musical notes]

Doing a commercial for the Target stores.
[Target commercial]

Tatiana has played the piano since she was 6 years old.
[Playing piano]

Some recent pictures.
[Picture 1] [Picture 2]

Artist's Rendition
[Tatiana Cartoon]

Cartoonist's view of Tatiana and her friends.
[Cartoon picture, with car]

A new cartoon image of Tatiana.
[New Cartoon picture]

Her Acapulco Rock image from late 2000.
[Picture: Acapulco Rock] [Picture: New image for her show]

Tourbook from Vientos en Libertad
[Vientos en Libertad tour book]

Pictures from Vientos en Libertad (1990) and Leyes del Corazón (1991).
[Vientos en Libertad] [Leyes del Corazón]

Promotional picture (late '80s?)
[Promotional picture late '80s]

Promotional picture (late '90s?)
[Promotional picture late '90s]

From Estrellas magazine, June 1989
[Estrellas: 06/1989]

A couple more pictures of Tatiana... posted to the Tatiana email list by Ricardo Otañez who says he got them from a photographer friend.
[Tatiana in costume] [Tatiana]

In spooky style, for this October promo picture.

Picture from "Leyes del Corazon", 1992.
[1992: Leyes]

Receiving a diamond record to commemorate the high sales of her Superfantástico album. (December 1998)
[Diamond Record: Superfántastico]

Recent picture.
[Tatiana Pic]

Picture taken in August 2002.
[Aug '02 Pic]

Another picture of Tatiana in costume.
[In Costume]

[Christmas Ornament] [Dressed in black]

Tatiana receiving an award.

Tatiana in 1998 in the ceremony where she received a gold record for her album Superfantastico. By her is the Tatimobile.

Tatiana makes a face.
[Making a Face]

Reading Como Carne de Cañon on Cristina show (2003).
[Cristina show]



Tatiana was in the hospital for dehydration, after a recent (2003) performance.
[Tatiana in hospital]

Some magazine appearances also sent by Claudia.
[Magazine 1] [Magazine 1] [Magazine 2] [Magazine 3]

Recording in studio.

From Tatiana's visit to "Palm" restaurant in Mexico City. (Submitted by Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda)
[Tatiana drawing]

She met this guy, Hugo, who manages "Tatiana doubles"... [Web link]
[Tatiana, Hugo]

[Stuffed Animals]

Swimming with dolphins in Cancun.

Some of her awards.
[Grammy Medal; Certificate of Appreciation] [Gold Record]

Her hobbies include photography and tennis.
[Photography] [Tennis]

Jumping for joy (Brincando de felicidad).

Taken in celebration of 20 years of her career.
[20 years 1] [20 years 2]

From Un Sabado Mas.
[Un Sabado Mas]

Some miscellaneous photos.
[Pose] [Jeans] [Ring] [Tatiana]

In her role as Coral, with her TV daughter Amy
[Coral & Amy]

And one with her real-life daughter Cassandra.
[Tatiana & Cassandra]

Underwater scenes.
[Tank 1] [Tank 2]

More miscellaneous shots.
[Misc 1] [Misc 2] [Misc 3] [Misc 4]

Giving an interview.
[Interview 1] [Interview 2] [Interview 3] [Interview 4] [Interview 5]

Since the commercial for "El Mundo De Inglés De Disney" was a hit with Tatiana and sold many videos, they invited her to do another one, taped recently in May of 2004, which is going to be released soon in many countries.
[Disney Commercial]

2005 interview.
[Interview 1] [Interview 2] [Interview 3] [Interview 4] [Interview 5] [Interview 6] [Interview 7] [Interview 8]

Make A Wish Foundation event.
[Make A Wish 1] [Make A Wish 2] [Make A Wish 3] [Make A Wish 4] [Make A Wish 5]

Presentation of platinum record in Plaza de Toros, Monterrey.
[Plaza de Toros Monterrey]

Tatiana with her two recent CD releases.
[2 CDs]

Collage of images used in Acustico CD.
[Acustico collage]

Ad for her new album.
[Album ad]

From TV y Novelas.
[TV y Novelas 1] [TV y Novelas 2]

She wishes this site's webmaster a happy birthday.
[Happy Birthday Dan]

Some miscellaneous pictures.
[Misc 1] [Misc 2] [Misc 3] [Misc 4] [Misc 5] [Misc 6] [Misc 7] [Misc 8]

[Family/Friends 1] [Family/Friends 2] [Family/Friends 3] [Family/Friends 4] [Family/Friends 6] [Family/Friends 7] [Family/Friends 8] [Family/Friends 9]

Being treated for dehydration after 2007 Monterrey performance


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