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Tatiana has had the chance to meet lots of celebrities, from Latin America and the U.S. She's become good friends with some of them. Here are some pictures of her with others with whom you may be familiar.

Tatiana with Ricky Martin and Pedro Fernandez in 1991.
[Tatiana, Ricky, and Pedro]

With Menudo, taken in 1983, a year before she started her singing career. Then, she was touring with her brother.
[Tatiana with Menudo in 1983]

With Menudo on her TV show stage.
[Tatiana with Menudo]

With Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, and Yoko Ono at the 1986 "Better World Society" awards at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. She was honored for her "Responsible Parenthood" campaign.
[Tatiana with Jimmy Carter] [Tatiana with Ted Turner] [Tatiana with Yoko Ono]

With Ricky Martin on a 1990 magazine cover.
[Fenix magazine cover with Ricky Martin]

With Daniela Aedo, star of the Mexican telenovelas "Carita de Angel" and Vivan los Niños", from her appearance on Tatiana's show.
[Tatiana with Carita de Angel star]

With Barry Bostwick (the mayor in Spin City) and Jonathan Silverman (The Single Guy) -- on the set of Weekend at Bernie's.
[Tatiana with Bostwick & Silverman]

With Paul Rodriguez.
[Tatiana with Paul Rodriguez]

With Jon Secada.
[Tatiana with Jon Secada]

With José Feliciano.
[Tatiana with Jose Feliciano]

With Don King.
[Tatiana with Don King]

With Rob Lowe, whom she ran into by chance in an airport in the late '80s.
(taken by Tatiana's mother)
[Tatiana with Rob Lowe]

With Mickey Mouse -- at a special presentation of the Hercules movie
[Tatiana with Mickey Mouse]

With Elvis Crespo.
[Tatiana with Elvis Crespo]

With Engrique Iglesias.
[Tatiana with Enrique Iglesias]

With Christian Castro and Enrique Iglesias
[Tatiana with Christian & Enrique]

With Salma Hayek
[Tatiana with Salma]

With Priscilla y sus Balas de Plata -- Tex-Mex group from Monterrey, Mexico.
[Tatiana with Priscilla]

With Veronica Castro, the leading soap opera actress in Mexico, who is also a singer and TV host and is world famous. She is a close friend of Tatiana's and is the godmother (madrina) of Tatiana's daughter Cassandra. Tatiana appeared in the soap "Valentina" with her in 1993.
[Tatiana with Veronica Castro]

With popular Mexican ranchero singer and actor Pedro Fernandez, a good friend of Tatiana's who has co-starred in two movies with her.
[Tatiana with Pedro Fernandez]

With Aleks Syntek, singer/songwriter/keyboard player who's popular in Mexico (Tatiana calls him "like our young Elton John"). He wrote the song "Por Ultima Vez" on Tatiana's Vientos en Libertad album, and appeared on her show in 2000.
[Tatiana with Aleks Syntek] [Singing with Aleks Syntek]

With Luis Miguel (#1 ballad singer of Mexico, and Mariah Carey's boyfriend) and Lucero (pop and ranchero singer and actress, and Tatiana's good friend). (Taken in 1985.)
[Tatiana with Luis Miguel and Lucero]

With the group OV7 (formerly Onda Vaselina), popular with the teens in Mexico.
[Tatiana with OV7]

With Fey.
[Tatiana with Fey]

With Chayanne, a popular singer, dancer, and actor, sometimes called "the Latin Michael Jackson" (taken June 7, 2002 in Monterrey). Chayanne is an old friend of Tatiana.
[Tatiana with Chayanne]

With Don Francisco (host of Sabado Gigante)
[Tatiana and Don Francisco]

With Alejandro Lerner, her favorite songwriter/singer. He is from Argentina, and he composed one of her favorite songs, "Todo a Pulmon".
[With Alejandro Lerner]

Tatiana with Liza Echeverria and Daniela Lujan in the Telethon 2002.
[Liza & Daniela in Telethon]

With TV host Cristina; Tatiana appeared on her show early in 2003.

With Lucia Mendez.
[Lucia Mendez]

Lucero and Tatiana with their mothers.
[Lucero & Tatiana with mothers]

With Ortiz Depinedo and Pedro Fernandez.
[Ortiz Depinedo, Tatiana, Pedro Fernandez]

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