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With TV host Raul Velasco.
[Raul Velasco, Tatiana]

With Svetlana Korkina.
[Svetlana Korkina, Tatiana]

With Danna Paola.
[Tatiana, Danna Paola]

With Ana Gabriel.
[Tatiana, Ana Gabriel]

With Cristian Castro.
[Tatiana, Cristian Castro]

With Veronica, Angie, and Mina.
[Tatiana, Vero, Angie, Mina]

With Yuri.
[Tatiana, Yuri]

With Beto Santos and Eugenio Azcarraga.
[Santos, Tatiana, Azcarraga]

Tatiana meets Jimmy Carter.
[Tatiana & Carter]

Tatiana with teen actor Martin Ricca.
[Tatiana & Martin Ricca]

With Alicia Villarreal and Pedro Fernandez:
[Alicia Villarreal, Pedro Fernandez, Tatiana]

With Danna Paola.
[Danna Paola, Tatiana]

With Eduardo Capetillo.
[Eduardo Capetillo, Tatiana]

With David Bisbal.
[David Bisbal, Tatiana]

With Paris Hilton and Ingrid Cazares (at Grammys).
[Paris Hilton, Tatiana, Ingrid Cazares]

With Chespirito and Florinda Meza.
[Chespirito, Tatiana, Florinda]

With Ednita Nazario.
[Tatiana, Ednita Nazario]

With Olga Tañon.
[Tatiana, Olga Tañon]

With Alex Lora, singer of El Tri (considered "the Mick Jagger of Mexico").
[Tatiana, Alex Lora]

With the governor of Nuevo León and his wife.
[Governor and wife]

With Mexican President Fox and his wife Martha.
[President Fox]

With soccer player Luis Hernández.
[Luis Hernández]

With Adal Ramones.
[Adal Ramones]

With Pedro Fernandez.
[Tatiana, Pedro Fernandez]

Veronica Castro during the filming of the soap opera Valentina.
[Tatiana, Veronica]

Barbara Bermudo with Tatiana and some of Tatiana's family.
[Tatiana, Gely]

With Alicia Villareal and Cruz Martinez from "Cumbia Kings".
[Alicia, Tatiana, Cruz]

Tatiana & Johnny Lozada, then and now; they're working on a remake of their famous 1986 duet for release in 2005.
[Tatiana & Johnny]

Taken by Claudia Miranda in National Auditorium (April 2004): Antonio Flores, Tatiana, and Cynthia.
[Antonio, Tatiana & Cynthia]

With 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú, in the Telethon of Guatemala, May 2004.
[Rigoberta & Tatiana]

With Alex Fernandez & Montse.
[Montse, Alex, Tatiana]

With Johnny Lozada's family.
[Lozada Family]

With A.B. Quintanila and Cruz Martinez from Cumbia Kings
[Cruz, A.B.]

With Mexican soccer player Hugo Sanchez
[Hugo Sanchez]

With Mexican soccer player Luis Hernandez
[Luis Hernandez]

With Danna Paola, who played Amy in the telenovela with Tatiana
[Danna Paola]

With David Bisbal
[David Bisbal]

With Belinda

With Ben Stiller.
[Tatiana, Ben Stiller]

With Chris Rock.
[Tatiana, Chris Rock]

With Juanes.
[Tatiana, Juanes]

With Robbie Williams.
[With Robbie Willliams]

With Ricky Martin.
[With Ricky Martin 1] [With Ricky Martin 2]

With Juanes.
[With Juanes]

With Banda el Recodo and Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences president Gabriel Abaroa.
[Banda el Recodo, Gabriel Abaroa]


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