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The Swimsuit Issue

Naming this page "The Swimsuit Issue" was just the webmaster's idea of a cute title, but as a result of the name this page is actually drawing traffic through the search engines from people looking for info on real-life magazine swimsuit issues. As you can see from these pictures, although she's presently best known for hosting a completely wholesome Latin American children's TV show, Tatiana can hold her own against the bikini models of the magazines in the swimsuit department.

From a July 2002 Cancun trip, in a "J. Lo." bikini.
[Cancun Bikini 1] [Cancun Bikini 2] [Cancun Bikini 3]

More from the 2002 Cancun trip.
[Bikini 1] [Bikini 2]

Taken in Puerto Vallarta in August 2000.
[Yellow Bikini]

The Mexican press used the headline: "Tatiana even has stars on her bikini!"
[Bikini with stars 1] [Bikini with stars 2]

Some April, 1993 pictures from Cancun while she was doing the soap opera "Valentina" -- taken by her husband.
[Bikini picture 1] [Bikini picture 2]

The Un Alma Desnuda album cover pictures. Click on them for bigger versions.
[Un Alma Desnuda picture 1] [Un Alma Desnuda picture 2]

Scuba diving in Cozumel.
[Scuba Diving]

More bikini shots.
[Bikini 1] [Bikini 2] [Bikini 3]

Taken on South Padre Island on Easter (April 28, 2003).
[Padre Island 1] [Padre Island 2] [Padre Island 3] [Padre Island 4]

Now you see her...
[Not hiding]
now you don't!

More swimsuit pictures, from Acapulco (1990).
[Acapulco 1] [Acapulco 2] [Acapulco 3]

A nice variety of images...
[Sexy 1] [Sexy 2] [Sexy 6] [Glamour] [Bikini] [Camper] [Beach] [Cowgirl 1] [Cowgirl 2] [Boat]

More bikini shots.
[In bikini on boat] [Riviera]

A poolside photo shoot.
[Pool 1] [Pool 2] [Pool 3]

More swimsuit shots.
[Swimsuit 1] [Swimsuit 2] [Swimsuit 3] [Swimsuit 4]

[Bikini 1] [Bikini 2] [Bikini 3] [Bikini 4] [Bikini 5] [Bikini 6]


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