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Family Pictures

Some pictures of Tatiana's relatives, of her as a child, and of her pregnancy.

Tatiana's paternal grandparents (1960)
[Grandma] [Grandpa]

4 generations of her family on the female side.
[4 generations]

Tatiana at one year old.
[Age 1]

A picture from her early childhood, taken with her mother and brother.
[With mom and brother, 1971]

4-year-old Tatiana swimming in 1972.
[Pool 1972]

[Age 5] Tatiana at age 5.

Tatiana and her brother, Juan Ramón, as little kids.
[Tatiana and Juan Ramón]

[Family 1]

Studying classic piano at her home in 1977.
[Playing piano]

With her best friend and her cousin before a local TV show in 1981.
[Before local TV show]

Still friends in 1998; she's kept her ties to childhood friends over the years, and credits this with keeping her down-to-earth.
[Still friends]

Some old pictures of Tatiana with her brother Juan Ramón. [Submitted by Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda]
[Tatiana, Juan Ramón 1] [Tatiana, Juan Ramón 2]

[Family 2]

With her daughter Cassandra at Disney World. (May 1999)
[With Cassandra at Disney World]

From a ski trip in 2000.

Pictures from her second pregnancy
[Tatiana pregnant 1] [Tatiana pregnant 2]

Some more pregnant pictures (Feb 2001)
[Tatiana pregnant 3] [Tatiana pregnant 4]

Some more pictures from her pregnancy.
[Pregnant: with stuffed bears] [Pregnant: in star outfit]

Taken in mid April, 2001 at the Tehotihuacan pyramid, an hour's drive from Mexico City. With longer travel ruled out by the late stage of her pregnancy, Tatiana went there with her daughter Cassandra, who wanted to see the Aztec pyramids.
[Tatiana pregnant, at Tehotihuacan pyramid]

Some pictures of her new baby, Andrik.
[Tatiana with Andrik] [Andrik]

Andrik with big sister Cassandra.
[Andrik with Cassandra 1] [Andrik with Cassandra 2]

Cassandra with the flowers Tatiana received in the hospital at the birth of Andrik, and Andrik at 3 months (August '01).
[Cassandra with flowers] [Andrik at 3 months]

Picture of Tatiana taking a picture, taken by her father on Sept. 15, 2001 (Mexican Independence Day). The camera is an Olympus LT Zoom-105 (38-105mm 3x zoom lens).
[Tatiana taking a picture]

Some 2001 family pictures.
[6 cousins] [Her family]

She celebrates her birthday (Dec. 12, 2001) with some of her friends.
[Birthday with friends 1] [Birthday with friends 2]

At photo shoot for the cover of the Disney movie song album with some of her best childhood friends -- one of them is the owner of the studio where the shoot took place. Another friend, Tomas is a celebrity stylist and did her hair and makeup. (Left to right: Claudia, Tomas, Tatiana, Lucy)
[Photo Shoot Mar. '02]

Picture of her with her mother, taken in June 2002 by her father.
[With her mother]

Her nephew Mike.
[Nephew Mike]

Tatiana and her daughter Cassandra snorkeling in the summer of 2002.
[Tat & Cass snorkeling]

Her 2002 birthday cake.
[Birthday 2002]

A 4-generation family picture from December 2002.
[4 generations 12/02]

This photo taken in August, 2002; the 3 generations.
[3 generations]

Tatiana, her children, and her brother on a 2003 skiing trip.
[Ski 1] [Ski 2] [Ski 3] [Ski 4]

[Andrik] [Juan Ramon and Tatiana] [Cassandra on ice] [Skiing] [Tatiana, Danna, Cassandra]

Cassandra's First Communion (contributed by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda).
[First Communion]

Andrik's 2nd birthday (contributed by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda).
[Andrik 1] [Andrik 2] [Andrik 3] [Andrik 4]

Christmas greeting from Tatiana and her children.
[Christmas Card]

Family picture from trip to Japan.

Her daughter, Cassandra, when she was little.
[Cassandra: Rocks] [Cassandra: Fountain]

Some more family pictures.
[Kids with Tatiana as Mermaid] [Kids]

Her father at Sierra Madre Mountain.

From 1983: her brother sang while Tatiana took pictures.
[Juan singing]

With her kids.
[Tatiana's Kids]

With her son Andrik.

Taking pictures.
[Taking pictures]

Tatiana and her kids take a swim. (April 2005)
[With her kids in pool]

[Laurel, Family] [Laurel]

[Family 3] [Family 4] [Family 5] [Family 6] [Family 7] [Family 8] [Family 9]

[Family 1] [Family 2] [Family 3]


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