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Photos Taken by Tatiana

Tatiana has always been a photography buff, something she got from her father (see his site on this subject). Here are some pictures she has taken.

Pottery at a roadside stand.

I don't know if she's got a tall tale to tell about this, but she managed to snap this picture of a whale's tail in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in December 2000.
[Whale's Tail]

A sunset over the mountains.

A replica of one of the three ships of Christopher Columbus in Puerto Vallarta.

Sunset at marina in Puerto Vallarta.
[Puerto Vallarta sunset]

One of the most important volcanos in Mexico, "Popocatepetl", (mountain that exhales) which started to erupt a year ago, after 500 years of inaction.
[Volcano 1]

Volcano called "Iztlazihuatl" (woman sleeping) in Aztec. This one is not erupting, it's just a cloud.
[Volcano 2]

Her best friend since childhood, Claudia (who appears in pictures in the family section), taken in Puerto Vallerta.

Another picture of Claudia, on a friend's ranch.
[Claudia on ranch]

Picture of her brother with a Puerto Vallarta sunset in the background.
[Juan Ramón]

Another Puerto Vallarta sunset.

Tatiana's niece, Raquel, hiding among a pile of stuffed animals like E.T. did in the movie.
[Tatiana's niece, Raquel]

I said in the index page that pictures here are obviously not of her, since she took them, but I was wrong; here, she managed to snap a couple of pictures of herself during a night of insomnia, using a Nikon N-80 that was her parents' Christmas gift to her.
[Photo of herself 1] [Photo of herself 2]

Taken through an airplane window.
[Picture from airplane window]

Her daughter Cassandra, on a mermaid sculpture.
[Cassandra on mermaid sculpture]

Her nephew Mike.
[Nephew Mike]

Her nephew is nicknamed Pelon.
[Nephew Pelon]

Cassandra with some of her friends.
[Cassandra with friends]

River stone picture she took herself.
[River Stones]

"El Cerro de la Silla" (The Saddle Hill), a symbol of Monterrey. Taken by Tatiana.
[El Cerro de la Silla]

[Amanecer] [Angel] [Maya]

[Cerro Silla] [Tractor]

Click on this picture for a bigger version.

[Cactus] [Andes] [Dallas Airport]

[Bells] [Shawl] [Boy] [Jose Antonio]

Bridge in Monterrey.

[From plane] [Tulip in Spain]

Taken by Tatiana: Mexico City from the plane.
[Mexico City]

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