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Newsletter -- October, 2003

Tatiana´s new CD is ready!! and is going to be available on November 30th. The title will be El Regalo (the gift) and it really fits perfectly because this Christmas you can buy someone you love this CD and it will be the best gift.

I can tell you that this CD will include 15 songs feauturing rhythms like hip-hop, country, ballad, etc.. Some songs that will be included are "a la luz de las estrellas" (stars light), "la ranita" (the little frog), and "osito lindo" (cute bear).

Something intresting is that Tatiana worked with two of the best musicians like Alejandro Rosso (rock) and Celso Piña (country) and also it is very probable that we can listen to Tatiana on the radio. No doubt that this will be a success like always.

On December 12th and 13th, the Telethon will be celebrated. The cast will not be confirmed until October 13th, but I am sure that Tatiana will be there like every year.

Tatiana will participate in a soap opera and she will make her dream come true again: she will be a MERMAID.

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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