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Newsletter -- March, 2004

Tatiana was in the "Lo Nuestro" awards which were celebrated on Thursday in the Miami arena. She arrived with a beautiful red dress, and while she was walking on the red carpet she took out from her purse a note that said "I request the best children's album category", because it doesn't exist in these awards. Also in Miami she gave interviews to the People en español magazine, and went to the "Primer Impacto" TV show.

On the other hand, because of her 20th anniversary, she is planning to release a pop cd with her greatest hits; it is just an idea so far.

The soap opera is a success in Mexico; she has recived very good reviews for her character "Coral" the mermaid.

Tatiana will be in Spain the first days of March for promotion of her newest CD El Regalo

In the other hand she has now confirmed the date in which she is going to perform in the most important theatre in Mexico, "the national auditorium". The date is April 28th.

Update -- March 13

Tatiana is in Spain. She was about 5 blocks away of the "Atocha station" when the the terrorist attacks occured. She is there because she went to promote her newest CD El Regalo, but with these attacks Tatiana decided to cancel the promotion and join the Spanish and do altruist things such as visiting the hospital where victims of this situation are and helping in whatever she can. In a press article that she sent, she says that on the 11th the train station was an ambulant hospital but now everything is like if nothing had happened. She mentions also that Madrid is paralyzed; there are no phones and she communicates via Internet. Tatiana is with Spain and its people. Tatiana is returning from Spain on March 18th.

Tatiana will perform at Mexico's national auditorium on April 28th in which she is preparing great surprises like the special appearance of her character on the soap opera, "Coral" the mermaid. Yes, she is going to turn into a mermaid. She says that she is going to make us feel like we are in the sea. Of course she also is going to sing her classic themes such as "El Patio De Mi Casa", "La Vibora De La Mar" and of course, songs from her newest cd El Regalo.

This April Tatiana will visit radio stations, TV shows such as En Familia Con Chabelo, Hoy, and Otro Rollo Con Adal Ramones, where she is not only going to sing; she will talk about her cd and her concert in Mexico's national auditorium. Also the recordings for the soap opera are still in progress. Tatiana will travel to Can-cun to continue playing her character "Coral" the mermaid.

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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