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Newsletter -- April, 2004

Tatiana will be in Mexico City promoting her great concert at the national auditorium that will be this April 28th. She will be in several TV shows such as Black and White with Omar Chaparro. On April 20th she will be with Adal Ramones in Otro rollo (just an interview). On April 21st she will visit Nuestra Casa with Jorge Muñiz and on Saturday she'll be on the show Hoy.

Also, in Monterrey, she recorded her new videoclip of the song "El Baile de la Ranita" which is the second single of her newest album El Regalo; she said that this video tells the story of a selfish prince that turns into a frog, and as the frog he is more funny so she decides to leave him like that. The video was made with a computer.

Tatiana also says that she is planning to release a CD with her pop hits celebrating her 20 years of artistic career. She wants to release it this year maybe in December. Also in December she will release a DVD with several performances, positive messages and videoclips.

Finally, there is no release date announced yet, but her doll "Tatisirena" (Tati-mermaid) will be in stores soon.

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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