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Newsletter -- June, 2004

Tatiana finished her tour "El Regalo" in which everywhere she went was a complete success. Also she came to Mexico city to record the soap opera "Amy: la niña de la mochila azul" where her character "Coral" has been a complete success and is one of grownups' and children's favorites.

A bit of bad news is that, because of the great quantity of work, the weather and stress, half of Tatiana's face is paralyzed. She already went to a doctor because she is worried because she has also problems with her left eye (she can´t focus very well). We hope it is also temporary and nothing to worry about. She said that for the recordings of the soap opera as a professional she supports freezing water while she plays the mermaid and then when she arrives in the city there is hot weather; and finally people are still suing her and that causes a lot of stress. She announced also that she is going to take a rest in a summer house and in 15 days she will be working in the soap opera.

Tatiana recently recorded a song titled "Te Ofrezco Mi Mundo" (I Offer You My World), a duet with singer Jesus Monarrez which will be included in the cd Buscando Mi Verdad (Looking For The Truth) of this singer.

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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