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Newsletter -- November, 2004

Tatiana was in the annual Teleton route singing and giving possitive messages in San Luis Potosi, this mini showcases are the pre-celebration for the big event that will be on December 3rd and 4th. She will be on December 4th in the children's segment starting at 6:00 am.

She was also invited to the Oye! awards 2004 in where she gave the big surprise arriving in a I must say sexy dress but elegant. She was nominated for best children´s album which unfortunately she didn't win, but she had a special appearance giving an award.

Very much Tatiana's style she was in the event called "que Monterrey no tenga frio" (don´t let Monterrey suffer cold) which was an altruist event to gather blankets for poor people, Tatiana was the image and sang the theme.

A very unfortunate event was the meeting with Andres Puentes "the taliban" at the court in which she had to go with her two kids to make a psychological exam, but of course the taliban didn't lose the opportunity to make that a disaster fighting with Tatiana´s security and because of this when Tatiana was trying to go from that place she fell down but nothing happened.

To celebrate children's international day Tatiana was invited by "Ronald McDonald foundation" to invite people to buy happy meals to help other children and Tatiana was in a McDonald's in her native Monterrey.

Tatiana continues with her tour in Mexico and in the United states.

As exclusive news for tatiana.info, Tatiana's new double CD El Regalo 2 y Tatiana acustico (The Gift 2 and Tatiana Unplugged) will be released in March and the news is that one of the songs she will sing in the children's album is the classic "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" from the Wizard of OZ, in spanish "Detras del arcoiris".

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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