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Newsletter -- August, 2005

[Picture: Celebremos]

Since the beginning of the month Tatiana is full of work!! On August 1st she was invited to participate in the campaign called "Celebremos Mexico" (Celebrate Mexico) which is campaign to give promotion of the different status and places you can vist, this is going to last all August, September and October.

Also she took some days to go on vacation with her children, she went to a virgin beach where they had the opportunity to see how sea turtles are born and then see how they go to the sea .

Alter this she continued with her shows in Reynosa and in Nuevo Laredo where she is cooperating with the Diocese to collect Money for the "children's great party" that is going to be celebrated there.

On August 4th Tatiana was the special guest at the cirque su soleil's red carpet, she said she enjoyed the show called Saltimbanco that is for the first time in Monterrey.

Talking about Monterrey thanks to the love of the people, Tatiana will be performing at the monumental plaza de toros twice in the same day because of the success the first show is sold out she opened one more show and it is sold out too, this will be on September 3rd.

Stay tuned because Tatiana is doing shows all across Mexico.

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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