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Tatiana Live In Concert: 20 Years Later And She Is Still The Queen!!!

A review of Tatiana's concert in Mexico City, 2004
by Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda

Incredible, that is the only word that I can find to describe the most impressive concert by Tatiana ever! Even before the concert began there was a feeling of restless excitement and magic among the sellout crowd of 9,000 in Latin America's most important theatre, Mexico City's National Auditorium. So when the lights suddenly went down, there were massive screams and applause as we were treated to a photo history on huge screens of Tatiana's twenty years as an artist and entertainment legend. It was a wonderful reminder of how beautiful and talented she has always been! Things became even more intense when the curtains parted to reveal a large castle flanked with yet two more screens. It was announced dramatically that we were all going to make a journey of the imagination into the outer void in our very own spacecraft. "Bang!!" went the sound of the launch and we were off in a hail of confetti!

Then suddenly she was there!! Dressed in Mexican pink and white in her now classic dress style with the great star in the middle of the bodice, Tatiana opened with "El Patio de Mi Casa," which is one of more famous tunes from her massively successful 1995 album, Brinca. The audience roared its approval for her singing and her wonderful choreography that featured twenty-four backup dancers. She looked very happy and on this magical night she radiated a special energy. La Reina welcomed us and had just begun expressing her excitement at appearing again in the National Auditorium, when, unexpectedly, a voice interrupted her. She seemed genuinely surprised and became tearful when her friend Ana Gabriel (A famous Mexican singer and Tatiana's long-time friend) appeared to congratulate her on her twenty years of success as an artist and entertainer. It was a unique moment that, in Tatiana's words, "our love was materialized!"

Now it was on with the show as she sang "No Te Quedes Con La Ganas" (from Sigue La Magia), during which she invited us all to dance. Like Tatiana, my family and I have always loved Disney Music (my older sister is currently working at Disney World!), and it was especially thrilling to be treated to her next two numbers: "Hi Ho" (from the movie snow White, with her dancers dressed as dwarfs, and her CD Mejores Temas De Las Peliculas De Walt Disney), and her wonderful rendition of "Bibidi-Babidi-Bu" (Also from Mejores Temas De Las Peliculas De Walt Disney), during which she dressed as a fairy godmother.

For "En Un Bosque De La China" (from Vamos A Jugar), her introduction was not without a little ironic humor as she suggested that a sumo wrestler was not necessarily the best choice for a boyfriend for anyone "Chinese." In an obvious, but light-hearted, reference to her own former husband (who is known as a judo expert and whose name I have forgotten completely) and her well-publicized divorce, Tatiana remembered, "everyone had told her the same thing" about him and she had not listened so "who am I to give advice?" This evoked laughter and a loud show of support from everyone!

Moving on from the jocular, Tatiana made a serious environmental plea before "Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya", her first single from her latest CD, El Regalo, suggesting that the Martians would never come to a planet as polluted as ours. Next up was "El Baile de LaRanita" (also from El Regalo), her newest single and a personal favorite of mine. A very emotional moment came before the song "Mis Abuelos Mitoteros" (El Regalo again) when she asked us to give a great hug and a big kiss to our parents and grandparents, while announcing that this was the first time that she had ever sung a song in performance for her grandparents. Although it was not known at the time generally, this was an especially poignant as Tatiana's paternal grandfather was even then very ill and has since passed away.

Definitely the most anticipated and exciting moment of the concert now arrived to the sound of ocean waves and a narrative in Tatiana's voice outlining the story for the popular television show"Amy la Niña de la Mochila Azul" in which she plays a leading role. The lights went up to reveal her in full costume as the mermaid Coral (her character) sitting in a clam and attended to by fluorescent fish. She looked just lovely! She then sang one of the songs from the program (my favorite too!) "Hija del mar" ("Daughter of the Sea"). Tatiana has fantasized about being a mermaid since she was a little girl, and you could tell from the shine in her eye that she loved pretending to be one now. Still in costume she did "Azul Como El Cielo" ("As Blue as the Sky"), another tune from the program that I especially enjoy!

Now, sadly, the concert began to wind down. Tatiana asked us to hold our hands with the person next to us while she sang "Sonrie", a simple tune of love and caring from El Regalo. This was followed by "Vamos a Jugar" (from Vamos a Jugar) and "Carita de Angel"(from the television show of the same name), and she concluded the evening by asking everyone to sing along to "Tradi Dance II" (from El Regalo), which contains parts of songs everyone remembered from their childhood. With a "bye bye", she thanked us, and she was gone.

It was, at the risk of repeating myself, simply an incredible night, actually beyond real description for those who were not there. It was perhaps her greatest performance ever, and there was doubt to all present that she remains not only the queen of children, but also the queen of our hearts!

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda"

[Picture: Tatiana & Claudia]


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