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Edición Limitada

A review of Tatiana's album
by Claudia "Tatiana" Miranda

Univeral Music has done a CD with the recompilation of some of Tatiana´s hits in her first period as a children´s singer. Who does not remember hits like "Vamos a Jugar", "Baila Conmigo", "Mexico", etc.? All these are, in the opinion of some, the most listenable or danceable themes that you want to sing all day long. If you are not a big Tatiana fan this is the ideal CD for you and your children. I can truly say that as a big Tatiana fan I bought this CD before it was available and before knowing which songs were in it, but I have blind trust in the great quality of Tatiana as an artist and no matter what she does she will never let you down. Now that I recieved it, once again I was right. Even though I have all her CDs, this one is not out of place because it is good having a CD with songs from many CDs all in one. The only detail I should criticise, maybe, are the graphics of the cover and the CD itself. I mean, they are not those showy and original designs we always see in a Tatiana cd (maybe because she designs them herself). But the point is that the designers of this cd didn't think a lot. It seems like they only put a green font and the first picture they found. But on the other hand this CD should be in your collection, because we all know Tatiana is having problems, and she may never sing these songs again (hope this doesn't happen). Then don't think about it and... BUY IT! Take into account that Universal thinks of her now.


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