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Los Mejores Temas De Las Peliculas De Walt Disney:
Not For Children Only!

A review of Tatiana's album
by Godspeede

Tatiana and the Disney Company were made for each other. Both create entertainment that evokes childhood without being childish, both marry traditional melodies with contemporary production and attitude, and both apply the highest standards of professionalism to what they do. Tatiana's occasional association with Disney in the past has resulted in some very able results; in 1996, she contributed a song, "Sonar es Desear" to the CD album, Disneymania, the following year she not only provided the voice for the female lead in the Spanish version of the move Hercules but also the song "No Hablare," and most recently she sang "Hay Es El Cielo Una Luz", "Lo Hare", and "Lo Hare (2)" for the film, Pais de Nunca Jamas. Each of these performances was brilliant and hinted at what might be accomplished if she ever undertook a complete Disney project. Now that promise has been fulfilled with the release of Los Mejores Temas De Las Peliculas de Walt Disney.

Simply stated, Los Mejores Temas... represents some of the best work of Tatiana's career, and among the most appealing music Disney has ever released. This may sound like hyperbole, but this CD is that good! The packaging is Disney- perfect with lyrics and myriad pictures of Tatiana, usually featured in pixie wings. The production is consistent with the sound Tatiana has created since Brinca! in 1995, but it is deeper and more innovative. Particularly noticeable are the increased number of instrumental interludes and vocal passing- sections that lend themselves to creating an ambience that is more dynamic and exciting. The song selection is balanced and intelligent. Some tunes are "naturals" for Tatiana; have we not always imagined her singing "Bibidi Babidi Bu"? Included too are such lovely songs as "La Estrella" (in two versions, dance and ballad), "Parte de El", and "Sonar Desar" (re-recorded here). All are fun, especially a wonderful version of "Bajo El Mar," in which Tatiana introduces her world-class frog voice! As always the most important component of Tatiana's music is Tatiana herself. She has become a truly superior singer; her voice, always attractive, is now a beautiful instrument, and her control and technique seem effortless. One of the best aspects of the CD is that it demonstrates nearly the full range of her talents and, among other things, reminds the listener what an effective ballad singer she can be.

If there is a single collection by Tatiana that should be taken to a desert island, it would probably be this one. Though less rock oriented than some of her other work,, there is no lack of either excitement or deeper emotion here. Little people will love Los Mejores Temas de Las Peliculas de Walt Disney, but its depth and beauty make it definitely not for children only!


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