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País De Nunca Jamas

A review of the soundtrack album
by Godspeede

For the second time, Tatiana has contributed to a soundtrack for a Disney movie. The first was in 1997, when she performed a song and provided the voice for the female lead in the Spanish version of Hercules. As excellent as she was in that, her performance in the Pais De Nunca Jamas (Return to Never Never Land) is even better. Though she does not do any voices for this animated feature, she sings three songs: Hay En El Cielo Una Luz, Lo Hare, and Lo Hare - 2. They are the standouts of both the movie and the soundtrack CD. They are, of course, beautifully written melodies in the best "magical" traditions of Walt Disney Productions, but even more important is Tatiana's own special magic. They confirm, once again, that beyond her beauty and charisma, she is an extraordinarily effective vocalist, who can evoke the most positive emotions and make it look easy. Her tone is becoming ever more gloriously rich, and her technique is close to perfection, especially on Lo Hare - 2, which is done in an especially intimate style. Her style is also becoming subtly more soulful. One is tempted to think that this might be in part a result of her recent difficulties with her soon-to-be former husband (whose name entirely escapes me), but it is more likely that she is simply growing artistically. The three songs make the price of the soundtrack worthwhile in themselves, and they serve to whet the appetite for her upcoming two-disc collection of Disney tunes. The only downside is that it is difficult to find the Spanish edition of the soundtrack; even in Mexico, apparently, the English version is more common. For true devotees and for those who just love good music, however, this fact should only serve to make this CD even more desirable. The good news, on the other hand, is that the DVD of the movie is readily available with Tatiana's versions in the Spanish-language mode. Don't let this one get by you!

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