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Tatihits - Solo lo Mejor

By Godspeede

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The release of any new Tatiana CD is an occasion for celebration, and the arrival of Solo lo Mejor is no exception. In recent years the only overview of the music from her days as a pop/rock singer before 1995, has been a very expensive and difficult-to-obtain two CD set Legend -- Tatiana (1998). This state of affairs has been indeed unfortunate. As a Tatiana devotee I have had to resort to collecting out-of-print mint copies of her early LPs (her first three albums have never been put on CD and the ones that have require a considerable search to find) to recreate her first recordings on CDrs. The effort, however, has been amply rewarded by the sheer artistry and entertainment value of the product of this phase of her career. It is not only fascinating to trace the growth of a young talent to maturity, but, more importantly, the songs (many by the great songwriter J.R. Florez), productions, and performances themselves stand on their own as great rock and pop music. For those either not familiar with the early Tatiana, or for those who wish to remember, this new CD will be therefore a treat and an important addition to any collection.

All of which is not to say that this CD is perfect. It has been released as part of a greatest hits series of various Latin artists including Yuri, and it has a cookie cutter appearance. Frankly, the graphics and especially the cover are ugly. The brown etcetera colors and textures do evoke a Latin flavor, but do little to honor Tatiana, who by any standard is an extraordinarily attractive woman. Frankly, it looks as though at least fifteen minutes were expended in its design.

Credit does have to be given, however, for the superior sound quality and for the serious attempt to include the big hits as well as representative songs from each of her albums with EMI (see below). Of course, such selections are subjective, but tunes like Chicos Chicos, and Radio from Las Cosas Que He Visto, Un Lobo En La Noche from the album of the same name, and Si Estoy Cerca de Ti from Vientos a Libertad (which is perhaps the greatest single dance/rock performance of her career) are definitely missing in action. Still Solo Lo Mejor is highly recommended. If you have only known Tatiana as La Reina de Los Ninos, here is the opportunity to discover her first incarnation as the magnificent pop princess she was -- and have a great time rocking along the way!

Track List and Song Sources:

  1. Chicas De Hoy -- Chicas de Hoy (1986)
  2. Baila Conmigo (Simon Says -- El Juego De Simon) -- Balia Conmigo (1987)
  3. Fuego En La Piel -- Las Cosas Que He Visto (1989)
  4. El Amor No Se Calla -- Tatiana (1984)
  5. No Soy Muneca De Piedra -- Chicas de Hoy (1986) [a major personal favorite of Dan Tobias]
  6. Peligro En El Elevador -- Un Lobo En La Noche (1988)
  7. Me Estas Volviende Loca -- Tatiana (1984)
  8. Sola -- Chicas de Hoy (1986)
  9. Querido Amigo -- Tatiana (1984)
  10. Momentos -- Balia Conmigo (1987)
  11. Un Amor Distinto -- Vientos a Libertad (1990)
  12. Bandolero -- from Balia Conmigo (1987)
  13. Porque Te Vas -- Tatiana (1984)
  14. Como Te Quiero -- Las Cosas Que He Visto (1989)
  15. Si Tu No Estas Aqui -- Tatiana (1984)
  16. Heroes Del Manana -- Un Lobo En La Noche (1988)
  17. Sola Entre Tus Brazos -- Un Lobo En La Noche (1988)
  18. Quien Soy Yo -- Un Lobo En La Noche (1988)
  19. Creo Que Es Amor -- Chicas de Hoy (1986)
  20. No Vuelvas A Besarme -- Vientos a Libertad (1990)

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