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Un Sábado Más (1986)

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This Mexican movie featured Pedro Fernandez (when he was still known as "Pedrito") in the role of the protagonist Martin, with Tatiana as the leading lady Tania. Diego, a rich, nasty young man who leads the local motorcycle gang, has Tania as his girlfriend at the start of the movie, but she soon falls for Martin, a poor kid with nothing but a beat-up old motorcycle. Diego doesn't like this, which leads the two men into some fights, and finally Diego challenges Martin to a motocross race. Martin's father, a drunkard who's obsessively pining for his late wife, isn't much help, but a wheelchair-bound man mentors Martin, gives him a new motorcycle after the gang trashes his old one, and trains him for the big race. Several songs from Tatiana's first album are featured. (99 minutes)

Label / Cat #: Platino Video, SP1707

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