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Newsletter -- August, 2004

Amy la niña de la mochila azul had a great end this past Friday the 30th and 31st. Six Flags Mexico organized an event where about 7,000 people were there to see the great end of this soap opera. After the soap opera was transmitted a mini concert started with the leading lady Danna Paola and then surprisingly Tatiana appeared as "Coral" the mermaid and sang "Caminos de luz" and "Azul como el cielo" recieving great applause from all the audience.

In an interview Tatiana said she feels very very happy for the success of this soap opera (it is on the second place of the top soaps chart) and that her character was one of the most beloved by everybody. It was so beloved that the tourism director of Can-cun promised to make a statue in her honor to make Coral a legend. This will be a very special statue beacise it will be made of bronze keys that people can donate for the construction of this sculpture.

Tatiana also said that she is already planning her new CD which will be released next year. She only said that she wants to write some songs on her own and also is looking for some covers and never before sang songs to include in it. She didn't specify what kind of music it will be but rumors said that it will be some kind of country music. She also said that her unplugged pop cd is going to be on stores very soon.

Returning to her magical character "Coral" the mermaid she was very excited because Galindo Productions offered her a movie in which she will play this character now legend, this is almost done because Tatiana already has the script.

Tatiana is still working with her performances; the newest news is that her show that was going to be in Ecatepec was cancelled because of the bad weather but she will perform there on September 4th on the same place. Also this next August 6th she will be in her native Monterrey in the "Parque España Theater" at 6:30 pm; stay tuned!!

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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