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Newsletter -- September, 2004

Tatiana went to Miami to the "Cristina" show as a special guest to atalk about meditation and how she recovered her trust in herself through this. She explained that when she escaped from her house in Mexico city her mom contacted a meditation teacher who helped Tatiana a lot to discover the power she always had. Also, Tatiana explained an incredible event that once she recieved a letter in her house's mailbox telling her that the person who wrote the letter had a communication with Tatiana's angel so Tatiana investigated this and fond out that her angel's symbol was a pyramid with a star in the inside, the symbol she uses for her shows and concerts and that she has always liked but the incredible thing here is that when she was looking into her things she found a jewel that she bought 20 years ago with the same symbol.

Tatiana is on tour all this month since August 13th in different parts of Mexico.

On September 1st she will be at the Latin Grammys awards where she is nominated for the fourth time for best children's album; she will stay at LA 3 more days for promotion.


Tatiana went to the Latin Grammys awards in LA where she was nominated for best children's album for El Regalo. Unfortunately she didn't win but she was very happy only knowing that she was nominated. Dressed with a pink, black and white corsé and a mini skirt of the same colors, Tatiana arrived with a positive sentiment and very smiley. Before this she was on tour in may cities of the United States like Chicago, Miami and LA that besides going to the grammys she stayed 3 more days for promotion.

This month she will be at the children´s forum in the Zacatecas festival.

Tatiana was in Tijuana with her show; this month she will be on tour in many cities of Mexico like Zacatecas in the local fair, then she will travel to Aguascalientes, but the best new is that she will go to Puerto Rico because of the success of her unforgettable character "Coral" the mermaid in the soup opera, in this place "amy.." is really strong!! Then she will go to Guatemala 4 cities. Last Saturday September 11 she recorded two songs for a campaign organized by Televisa the song is "se diferente" (be different) and also was invited to the campaign "que Monterrey no tenga frio" (Don´t let Monterrey have cold) that is for the poor people in Monterrey.

Tatiana is very happy because she was invited by Selena's father to record a song for the tribute CD; the song is in English and will be "I could fall in love"; with this Tatiana will surprise a lot of people!!.

Her new children´s album will be released on February 2005 and it will be titled "el regalo II".

Claudia "Tatiette" Miranda
[Picture: Claudia]


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